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The guy said I did read that like twenty minutes ago and I did read it so I look diamond the D. stands for death or McKeon was busy eating as the strumming sandwich because your words had to adjourn and use the private facilities but I read it again because I'm a team player and a pro's pro thank you bill and I'm all justice back the bus up over every put you I will do that and I'm all about Vietnam I'm rash taught me well learn how to be a team player by the way speaking of Marash I'm sure is going to talk about chase young is saying and that is going to come back the only reason who is two of the most awkward macam two reasons either he doesn't want to play for the giants but is going to be guaranteed top to pick Berle who won the Heisman you know is going to go to the bangles they need a hero in Cincinnati they do they need a hero they need a hero I think is a big right with the fans is Ohio guidance system perfect story for the next decade nine Cincinnati hello did play Ohio state then Hanson's want dental southeast Ohio I mean it's just so then she shuns gonna be the sure fire number to pick the giants when they were up seventeen three on Philly well you could hear the audible on NFL Mike top weather like guys we need to let silly come back and win we're gonna lose Jay Sean so there's no way he's gonna stay but then we can have a good point that chase young because this wasn't his date he should have finished higher in the Heisman voting I agree with the king and that this is all about Joe burrows so Jay Sean gets headlights and I'm sure my rational talk about that does the NFL is shaping up to be very interesting in with the meteoric rise of the Baltimore Ravens at twelve into the resurgent Kansas City Chiefs who look good at knowing when and then Horowitz then I would talk about the patriots and I said Brady is no receivers and then he's like wait a minute isn't the Brady mistake that he's he's Tom Brady no matter who's around them like Jordan he makes everybody great well if you're gonna take element out of the equation right now they have zero receivers in knowing what M. Brady does look old and he's getting mail and we're thinking it's Tom Brady from last year that eventually it's going to catch up lieutenant three they've benefited from a a great schedule and the fact that the jets even though the jets Sir can I see a resurgence in Miami who isn't had a surgery in ten record lately in buffalo's nine of four I did predict buffalo's a playoff team if you listen to the show back in August so the ravens here to get home field advantage thank Tennessee is the best team in there was the south if you don't want to play my homes even if your Baltimore how does anybody be Baltimore at home has anybody beat Lamar Jackson the rest of the way who's there to get a two for the Odyssey what Dallas in Philadelphia at six and seven the giants Washington at three in ten two eleven that system mass I think urban Meyer will be the coach of the cowboys next year that's my prediction but a lot of people said that I have your hands down you know you code Zeke dak Prescott read run pass option that it just we got Cooper get him healthy they got they have the weapons good offense of one I think he'll walk into that situation get eight nine ten million a year from Jerry Jones and let's go or Meyer will be the next coach of the cowboys green bay's not stopping Lamar del sur Phillies not stumble Mar New Orleans not stop Lamar Niners who then it was a tough game in the rain they were Baltimore might be the only team my fellow might be the only team rams are Startin for some better football Minnesota's off the radar at nine am for Hey you know I look at the other seein is isn't that good is it really because all the teams have had their moments where you're like oh I'm I'm not sure even Orleans Baltimore just a great story Lamar Jackson will change the game is it open the door for Jaylen hurts his it open the door for fields when he's done at Ohio state the more power to him because Marge Jackson is must see TV I don't care who you root for Lamar Jackson is must see TV I can't get enough of the guy it only seems to always give props to his line you know he's won the Heisman the guy has been decorated for every level football is ever polite and rightfully so and it's Michael Vick but the one thing you have to watch out for remember when Vic went to the snow at Green Bay and I forget what year was in the playoffs but the minute Atlanta tried to make Michael Vick of pocket passing west coast offense QB and they didn't let him run like he did it by tech or early on in his NFL career that that's when he became average in the long Javadi of that style of QB who runs a thon over a thousand yards rushing for Jackson you're not gonna get into your late thirties to win that they're gonna be lucky to get I would think seven to ten years out of a quarterback but Hey you're in Baltimore may win it all this year they'll take you can ride one Super Bowl forever as the Super Bowl shuffle eighty five bears for which what do you think you think chase young is just bluffing and just wanted attention it is not going to forego the in the second overall pick the come back to Ohio state No Way no because it and I'm sure the agent is screaming not because you just look at tour this year I mean that's what you're risking your surefire top to pick you don't go back to college and if you do you risk a devastating injury like to and who knows where to end up in the draft but the truth of the matter is the kind of got over belong with the headline I mean he came back out today and just said look I'm spit ball and I'm really just focused on Clemson right now I think that you got a young young man you know he's not a kid but a young man whose thrust into New York City probably for the first time in his life deal with more media than he's ever dealt with in his life thinking about the prospect that he's gonna be making tens of millions of dollars for the first time in his life he's gonna say some wrong things he's definitely coming out and you the reason why the story got legs he's in New York for the Heisman ceremony and chances are he's going to be a giant by may one giant beat writers that were following him around New York for media that's what I do actually read John it's practice is going on in there lord knows the vultures are circling here in New York around the giant and the writers are leaving the facility and spent all day would chase free can you know this is gonna be the nextel T. R. you know you got sake winding up Jones who's shown enough that's why somebody said well what about Meyer to the giants us and now Jones is in the type of quarterback for his run pass options not so he's not going there I don't think a reminder Schirmer is done I would think right more than likely the only saving grace is the fact that Jones has progressed a little and that's what he's going to lean his hat on but what ownership should look at is that he turned to Jones pretty quickly in the year after two games because he knew is **** on the line and he wanted this crutch to William good point that they you know he could have played the lie to go the what what right now six and seven to be tied for first exactly he went to Jones as early as possible to get you got to get the kid experience you know that in you lies on its way out but after two games it's not like you I was out there you know thrown picks left and right I mean he went to Jones because he knew that that was his saving grace to another year on the job and I don't know if if the plan end up working for him the way then in some of his play calling in and use the time outs and game management it was really neat he looked lost he did and then you're up seventeen three with the live playing his Jones is heard and then it looks like they tank the game because they realize we're gonna lose change young if we win this game we could and I'm watching it seventeen three until my buddies guarantee Philly when they're like oh no man Johns I go trust me when this game's over eagles when they their they don't wanna go chase young and look at it we were just save the beat writers following should be showing all around there in the hello the Heisman press junket and everything and I the only coach out there would be if they would mover of Ron Rivera right or McCarthy yeah McCarthy's a hot prospect he was a guy I was so you wouldn't for the lions because he knows the NFC north of maybe want to get back at the Packers led the it'll give macaws map the choice is completely lost and it seems like more players are coming of former players talking about not just be a better guys but Tricia was you know trying to run it like the patriots locker room but you can't do that and keep talking about where you were and not build trust with the players I I like McCarthy coming to the choice because he could stick at the Green Bay one day that's why I like McCarthy in Detroit I think if Patricia gets blown out but Tampa Bay at home which could happen there offenses been clicking I think the Ford family will fire him Sunday night Monday morning that's Mike I don't have any sources are that's just my gut vibe that you know they were nine and seven it wasn't good enough Jim Caldwell they fired him six in ten and you look at the lions and they could end up picking third when it's all said and done if teams lose in front of him the lines could be the third worst team in the NFL this year yeah you got injuries with they were playing in bad on the fence before staffer got hurt so my vote is for McCarthy in Detroit and I think you keep Schirmer one more year I agree with you because sure it's going to go to management say wait a minute and I put Jones in a given season for next year we got se Kwan and we're gonna get chase young enough to give me another year but boy does he need to one out as at ads you pointed out he needs to learn how to manage again I have a deck that could cost the men in with and this goes back to Ron Rivera where you get a defensive minded guy change young say Kwan your building blocks with Jones I mean that's a that's a pretty solid foundation it is so see all plays out enjoy your Sunday in the NFL with the giants Horwood thank you McKeon thank you Lou diamond good luck with the country music and male dancing career of the guy that taught you everything about male dancing shama rash is coming up twenty four seven drop your huge opinions at Saturday huge bonds whether.

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