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Nine. Right off the freeway here number over at are you listen to KFI HD, two Los Angeles, Orange County LAPD at CHP deployed what they call rubber bullets or forty year route which are large rubber bullets at stink balls to take him down. He tried to get back to the car. They shot him again less. Lethal if we have that footage. Let's try roll. It would happen here. Just a few minutes ago. But right now, they're standing back watching the suspect. We don't see where the knife is. He had his right hand as he got out as we go to the video you'll see get out of the car. Did you see the movement or the suspect as he starts jerking around? And that is those rubber projectiles hitting hip as they're tried to use less lethal, take you meta custody right now, you see still laying in the roadway here on the five freeway now this all started with a radio call that came out about seven forty three. They do at the foothill division of LAPD of a band with a knife at or vista at big to hug a road that during all coming to an end here got it pursuit of this suspect at chased him all through the area up into the Dow, oh, no now he's running again get back up on his running between the car is going to get killed units. All the way rowdy, but less lethal now. They're firing. Wiring out of begat vehicle. But is he came down the Glen oaks, he got onto the freeway the wrong. The cops have shot and killed a guy for much less.

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