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Tickets to the live. You made it weird and the living largo and hope to see you there in brea as well. In the meantime enjoy the incredible. Peter kam man. I love this chat and we're going to be doing more with some of the other new faces so here's new faces. One of who knows. Peter kim get into it how i think the only prison that added positive. That's really the first people mentioned the bottles and i just emptied the bottles. The problem is peter. Every time i use it. Three bottles sledding. Yeah your your sweat machine. So that's only like i just cleaned it. It doesn't matter it's stupid. It bears a comment. But you're the only person that said. Nice katie can attest. That's right. This is my i i never thought. Can you turn me up a little bit. You may. This is also the first one since the i just had. I just got this and this is blocking you. Katie it's like blacking at your eyes like a cia document. Yeah i had a and this is embarrassing. Are you ready. You know how when you get on an elliptically after kind of like like you have to lunge forward to like get it going. That was too much. I don't like that started. I like zero effort. And val and i were just talking about this last night. Like treadmills are easier than running like if you can run a mile and a treadmill. It doesn't mean you can run a my on. I was like good. That's what i want. I want you wanted his. I wanted easy. Why do i want it hard working out. You don't want it to feel hard. Thank you and you don't know good for you thank you. I don't even. I don't even know what i mean. But i'm like this is my trying first. Well you look great. Shot up she shut up. You look great. Thank you and it's effortless do you. Do you want one of those empty bottles..

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