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Us that after the date for them. Listen, you know, we're not gonna let you do your whole spin, move get into the paint. And Genesis going to develop some kind of mid-range jumper some kind of post game because he doesn't really have a post game. You know, he just gets at one step, you know, it gets deeper like one most likely that. Yeah. That I like he's not like a back back to the basket. I like he would have to develop those skills, which he probably will because if you compare him to when he came to the league. He didn't know anything like you could see him, just like very badly like even not at all. But like you you've seen exactly you've seen the throat. So I think definitely gonna come back stronger hopefully the raptors next year with also I remember talking next keep by, and the Knicks are going to be, there's going to be it's going to be good, aura. Yeah. We've heard at hummus, but we're not gonna validate them. I mean we heard was that, you know. Katya sold us at Oakland Harlan's than got some place in New York. So let's see I'd be very happy if he goes to next because, you know, the whole like, you know, the whole NBA will become a little Anthony Davis goes to the warriors. What? God, I did go into the. I think it is valuable to the warriors natives, I don't know. I just feel that way. But. Okay. Not. So if the forest can pull up getting Kevin Durant. Can they can pull off? Getting Anthony Davis really wants to win ring can just be like, hey, come here. Lakers. Bad franchise sanitex. Bad franchise, the Knicks. They they're just getting players. I, I know you're saying this Rondo voice was because on this bought it said, it's like we have evidence of using key viral to go anywhere. Just go to the Lakers. Get get the get the money good being though, in the us place. Take allegata from your house to staple center to all that thing in New Orleans that was no anywhere. This man really wanna stay if I mean let's just say this, if you had a professional basketball player like if you had to size between New York or LA waters your scene. Oh, I think me, yes, I think New York. Yeah. I mean, I, I would pick New York because it has all the seasons are got a lot of industries that. I, I would I would think new, but. But I also I see this. Yeah. Okay. That I know titles. Take your what? Oh, you haven't been to either either of those, I haven't been vest offer Istanbul, just unbe ESTES. I've been. Guard as a lot of places to exploit in shallowness something walkout. Anyway. So I mean like congrats to the buck for making it till here. I mean the expectations are much higher, but, you know, sometimes it doesn't work out. Then you learn something happens. Co I made like two grown ass men like seven footers, like really like shit reap. I mean it reminds me of this jar, making Malone are every day. Why are you still? Really, it really was it, it had that feeling through true true. I I'm sure, I guess he is allegedly passionate person Jaanus also. I mean. A knock on just that go. I did it. That's all. Yeah. And go I did not be like. Right. This for. But this is it. Okay. So yes, now be now we have got that Optus. We're going to the warriors does at home put at this game on do. I think day India time, Friday and Sunday. I guess Monday Monday. Yeah. So the first question would be to the raptors have to do to beat the warriors. I used to that I then. Yeah. I think they have to. I mean, the general Debbie it'd be shutdown clan Steph, this at that. But this is the Stacey aim. Kawhi Leonard who with a bunch of almost nobody's almost that to Steph gutty Klay Thompson, and Kevin Durant Wella very vendor. His lost even with. I mean this lost property of the thing he did that. And even though I did not believe that they could have won the series. But he did that like dot CDs at the article arena. He portrayed for trick or three quarters. Absolutely shut down. Any sounds that the wanted the audience probably when looking shell-shocked like they had not face anything like this, and he didn't even score that he had twenty six points. But there's not a lot, right? In three colors. Okay. It's on base for forty points. Okay. Great. But like he hyphen six points, and they had a twenty three point lead. Like he was just getting everyone involved. He on defense. There was nothing. So. And, and I really because I really hit the decade Valla waters. I'm like this could be that karamazov you know, like coming back like that the guy coming back from a different country and doing this kind of karma stuff only on an Indian podcast. Thanks. Yeah. Exactly. So that's why I think that he can sort of Sadan staff north really. But you know, he can't do very good job. But what is more important as again, in fed van lead has to show up to a huge. They have to me the audience not play the game beverages, just running around, like. Defense. The I think they played pretty good defense on the box. But the boxer always that no-one focus focal point ball goes through him all the time. And it is easier easier easier again, I'm doing air quotes easier to stop it in the playoffs because you flip face the same team again. And again, I have they had to regular guessing again. But I don't think there's anything to gleam out of this new Sienese Toronto is the only team has like face adversity a game seven down a game two games to get down to zero comeback there. So I would say the advantages waters, because of what is what is, but to answer the question I think just Eiffel thing, have your three point us go in. And then then, you know, all that is, I think they're close enough the fourth quarter I, I have faith that will come through in the fourth quarter. Keep a close and that happen to you. Is this your prediction for like prejudice? With Gary of that. Gary bit Katie obser- five game. I think for the for the water vet, Gary. I don't see any sense for them victory. I don't see any chance but without Gary, I can see that this again. Interesting finals for the first time in three years. Four one four on the for the funds diamond three years, this will be interesting. I would not be like hard. That's but I really don't think when epic by vote makes you think eighties gonna come back. No, I mean maybe combine together again comeback later on he could. But he won't be under sent. No. No ecoed on, like I don't think it's fitness thing. I'm sure he's, you know, working on. But I think that injury is really more serious than they've been letting on. But of course, I have laws speculation. I have no idea. But now let me put that back to you. What do you think that does have to do to be Doris? I mean I let me ask you this question. I mean pumpkin with the with the Katie with, if gates in the waters, like what are you, what other times is for the student on? What do you think? The auto simply village close for me, honestly, like this, this whole battle reminds me very much like the two thousand eleven like Mavericks run. Okay. You know that. No one really expected, much of the Mavericks, at what seed and seconds. No, I don't know about. Today and you know, they just they just went on a dad, and they went through all the all the best beams of the of that, like three or four year stretch. And when they came up with the you know, but the Miami Heat which was the juggernaut at that time even that was the first year. I think the kind of entry gel enough for them to really be very explosive, and I feel like this water steam, if Katie comes back, one won't be like cohesive at as it used to be and without without Katie. I feel like the raptors have a better chance of winning. So it reminds me a lot of that, where you have this one superstar who, who, who kind shouldering the entire responsibility, and you have these likely good role players who can contribute at a very high level, if they contributed. So if they contribute it becomes really good. I think what Ron has to win. I think is this play a good defense. I think that's their strength. Unlike? Unlike Portland defense was not the strength and you know they got geared. I think that after defense is just strength. And they actually have three very good defensive players that can shut down three not shut down. But at least really reduce the productivity of the other. Another one of those three is he is. He s I think he had gone, and Danny green are very good. I mean, Danny green is kind of I don't know what has happened to him. Yeah. I mean, forget issue like even defenses kinda fallen off, which is really weird because he usually when, especially when other the Spurs defence was just crazy. So, I hope that, you know, they all three of them can really step up on defense, and I think they should switch between who they who really guard, obviously, the all three are kind of bigger than other than gay, they're bigger than Stephon Stephan play. So they can always keep switching and other than Danny being gone. Kitty everyone else's kind of interchangeable. So if there's no, Katie than I think the defensive Lord can really be tackled very well, depending on the lineup writing. Last time I didn't have much faith on knickknacks, because I was not sure how the lineups he would play. But I think this time, I'm very confident that, you know, I remember that the second game of the box he was playing like everybody. He played Jodie Meeks. I mean they lineups at one point, there was none of the starting five against the gave us a blog to floor property, and he did a lot of really big mistakes, because, like I remember like first quarter they were down seven three minutes to go, and he benched covi- sorry end of the first half. And by the time the half they were down fourteen, and it just didn't make any sense. Like, why would you bench? Co I when you have a half coming. Like jet Li stain the game it wasn't like I was tired or anything like that. You know, they were down seven like if he was dead, they probably would have been down ten min max, but any of the point being that, you know, he, he has improved that he has he has played very good line-ups on defense offense. Still he has not work on. But on defense he has a good understanding of where to play his players. So I think if he sticks to those understands when, you know, Steph goes out or Klay goes out, and, you know, you rotate covi- onto, you know, Dame on for example, you know, so that he can get some rest on the defensive those things, you know, I think if nicknames manages correctly, I think the raptors defense can can check down can can reduce the, the offense of threat that is the Golden State Warriors. Now, the defenses strength of the Golan said, Juarez, raptors have to really work with. 'cause that apple, the state granted whereas are very, very good defense little she has not you have clay, and on, who can who if they blitz covi-. I don't know how allies score. If you're put a story, they put Dame on and Klay on alliance like collide gets the ball double team. Get the ball out of his hand and collide probably would not be able to like manure around these two players..

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