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So for the first time we have a patient in the United States that has contracted the novel coronavirus the culvert nineteen without you know being a giant meaning they got it from somebody here in the US total coronavirus cases thus far counted is eighty two thousand five hundred eighty nine total deaths are twenty eight hundred thus far still low death rate but still rising now this patient in California kind of an interesting backstory on this one they didn't travel anywhere known to have the virus and the patient wasn't exposed to anyone that was known to be infected so they believe this is the first case of community spread he's from or she from we don't know the the gender Solano county was admitted to UC Davis Medical Center last week was not tested until Sunday for coronavirus this is according to a letter sent Wednesday to UC Davis staff and obtained by CNN it's because the patient did not fit the existing CDC criteria for such testing so that's a cluster which means the CDC criteria that they're using whether it's fever a cough recent travel exedra may not be very for my guess is they didn't fit the existing citizen criteria because you haven't traveled to China and had it been exposed anybody did Dr dean Blumberg said she says that this suggests that the virus is out there in the community and that means pretty much that everybody's at risks we don't know who might be carried out we don't know who we can get it from and yet they have no idea where the vision of this virus from so they said you have to realize that this pharmacist so knew that none of us have any immunity to it so anybody who is exposed as a high risk of getting infected with this now this patient is one of sixty confirmed cases of the virus in the United States or to help even services secretary Alex is our forty two cases are former passengers from the diamond princess cruise ship which remember started out with just one case they had to be quarantined who knows of more would have been positive anyway or is it because it was stuck on the ship the other fifteen our travelers coming back from China or their spouses and then three others were repatriated from China so how does California teacher got the virus that you don't know the agency has not ruled out whether the patient was exposed to return traveler who was infected I mean now they have to go back and see who this person might have been exposed to but if they went shopping we were talking fourteen day incubation period do you remember where you were a week ago a week and a half ago little yesterday so the page was trying to figure nineteen for the Medical Center from another northern California hospital with a suspected viral infection UC Davis require testing from novel novel accrued virus by the CDC because the UC Davis letter said neither the sacrament accounting of the California department public health are conducting testing so the patient did not fit the existing CDC criteria for covert nineteen attends was not immediately administered UC Davis health does not control the testing process the like it wasn't us the CDC order testing on Sunday results came back positive yesterday they said this is not the first competition we've treated and because the precautions we have in place of the spaces arrival we believe there was minimal potential for exposure here at UC Davis Medical Center so they soon people and crime virus until they got tested they did they'll ask a small number of employees to stay home and monitor their temperature

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