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Is just a Trojan horse for socialism is he's a Trojan horse. He has no clue but the people around him a tough and they're smart, but we disagree with them very, very strongly. That mean and they're angry. Earlier in Minnesota, he made sure to differentiate himself from his opponent. We will revitalize police departments. We will Check Religious liberty defend the lives of our beautiful unborn Children. Today, the president will take part in a disaster recovery briefing in Iowa before heading to Arizona to speak on border security. Multiple charges have been filed against the man accused of shooting three Cedar Park police has been identified as Joseph Taylor and See Depart, Police chief Mike Harmon says about 50 rounds were fired between Taylor and the three officers who responded to a 911 calls Sunday. Officer Jackie Phyllis. She has been with the department. Four years. Officer Chris Hester 10 year veteran and officer, Nick Anderson has been on officer with us for eight years. All three was shot, but all three are recovering. Taylor meantime, faces three charges of aggravated assault on a public servant, as well as three charges of aggravated kidnapping for allegedly holding his family hostage during that near 18 hour standoff. Patrick Osborne News Radio K LBJ. Greg Abbott will have an announcement today regarding funding for police. He'll be joined in his news conference by Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick and House Speaker Dennis Bond and Governor Rabbit was critical of the Austin City Council when they cut $150 million from the Austin police budget. And the City Council's numerous controversial decisions have led to a huge field of challengers. This year. Two people have filed to unseat Greg Cason and District four in district 63. Candidates want to oust Jimmy Flanagan. But the field is most crowded in district 10, where six people hope to replace Alison Altar. In total. There are 20 City Council candidates looking for a seat in November. It's 7 33 Kale, BJ. Here's Austin's on Time Traffic with Melinda Branch. We're just seeing a little bit of some slow traffic conditions on 35 North found between slaughter and staffs in the old tour to Seventh Street. You're next reports at.

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