Burien, Mitch Mcconnell, Alabama discussed on The Majority Report with Sam Seder - 1697 - Documenting The Triumph of Idiocy w/ Cliff Schecter & Vic Berger


You know way nationalist america defined by white culture and and uh uh others other things other sort of issues along that line hardline anti immigration uh that kind of thing well you know burien who is their spokesperson basically is now targeting mcconnell anybody they've said anybody who is going to support mitch mcconnell for leader he will target um and that's certainly how they ran the race in in alabama right i mean it was uh they were trying to really stick a big luther two missiles haunting luther right and and luther strangers somebody who um it is a doubt as you rightly news you can get but it at this point we've talked about this before there's no there's really two new only two elements that can defeat you which is you choose to support somebody from the establishment for leadership we know which is which looser would in the connell if you're not enough from the deck you you can't you doesn't matter any more how conservative you are you're a complete dick about it well the loser i mean to be fair i mean he was a pretty corrupt guy too uh maybe they thought it but it's not corruption the incompetent and publish dickerson is that you're willing to say it you know took to attack other groups and you know stay ridiculous roy morey burt tight i i mean still thinks that obama's birth certificate it was fake still things homosexuality should be punished with prison time or worse um you know and and essentially stands up and and you know i mean so let's call it what it is he the fascist he does he think he's a thought already at his guy come before the us constitution.

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