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I've got some time. I'm gonna dedicated to that. I've been. I've been watching like ted lhasa and stuff like that which is absolutely family. Show you so zach. I said the season finale yet though. So no spoilers. I'm still i'm still towards the beginning of season two. I will give the resident evil series. That i think the first run a apocalypse. We're all right. And i think like after the one set in the desert like i think that's when the wheels came off for me i just just the stupid thing was because i watched all those movies. I kept watching them in theaters. Just like wishing something change. I don't know. I don't. I guess under perfect customer. Still got him dude. I did wanna talk about just kind of shifting gears real quick. Lucas had hooked me up with the the key for in sound mind and with it being spooky cs and whatnot. I am definitely gonna be playing it. It's a psychological thriller at actually comes out Tomorrow on sale on steam. And i think it this so far and again. This is still very early for me. Game wise and i also had issues at to go back in and do some recording at basically start over my had reset my controller my controller or all kinds of drift and mike buttons were inputting correctly so i had a of a time so far though i have been enjoying the story. It's it's it's weird. I'm not one hundred percent again. I'm only about an hour deep into it. So i'm only now starting to uncover the mystery is if you know anything about me i do. I am not a horror game player. i don't like them. They make me feel weird. I like freaking out like that. But i am. I'm enjoying this. And i'm hoping with this being more of a psychological thriller that it you know it's not like about all the the scares and things like that so i am enjoying the story and Yeah you you could check this game out here on the twenty eighth. I'm playing it on playstation. Five is is what. I'm playing it but it's also i'm pc. Like i was saying it's on seem. I can't remember exactly what the price pricing wise What it looks like on steam. I think it's Let's see the steam page up here. Now i i don't see it. I don't i don't know how much it is but you can add to your wishlist. So there you go but yeah. This is something that you're interested in if you do like scary games or psychological games Especially with it. Were right around the corner from october. this is a game that will see an and check. Make sure you guys check the youtube channel as well. I will be putting my play. The uploading plate threw up on the channel. So i don't know what are you guys. Enjoy scary games or did that's. That's a big huge note from me. No no no thank you know. Once i ended up playing escape. You're compelled to find out what happens in this scary especially when they're psychological thrillers. And what i'd have to do is get my younger brother to control the mouse..

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