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Page i'll be and they just a a website there's help wanted just whistle a message from a michigan high school athletics association promoting the value and values of educational athletic hey on jerry spurned you look i'm sorry but my tv show destroying civilization and all but now i'm making up for it with my new podcast have you heard we just me mike friends and small audience hang out a little corporate sharp near cincinnati torching politics not stupid he knows what he's doing he's using words as a weapon to elicit from them we have people get not we've i showed on my cellphone a picture of nearly doing well i guess someone to call body building poses yeah and he didn't put that i did what it's on the weapon stupid one nine out national events of slightly offense in check out minute jerry spring apart gifted carries bringing dot com point in the part piers app i might be a major to discover that i'm just sort of norv person i don't know what happened seven sixty w jr dak from there members of the us house rules committee our meeting to consider of bettman's to the healthcare bill to replace obama on national healthcare republican co author of the american care act congressman great walden goes members of the rules committee the added amendment swell moved the over side of some of the provisions of a bill away from the federal government and to the states so we want to make sure the people of access to affordable insurance we all share that call let's not.

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