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The robert wood johnson foundation at our w j f dot org it's morning edition from npr news i'm steve inskeep can i make till martin and we're going to spend the next few minutes talking about the devices that have come to rule on our lives yeah we're talking about smartphones this week apple shareholders are meeting and to major shareholders have raised concerns that smartphones are harming our children but what amount us adults than peers mike lindell klaff looks at smartphone addiction and how to cut back right around eighteen hundred russian scientists neat yvonne pavlak ran a landmark experiment he gave dogs a yummy treat but rate before he handed than the treat he played a sound yes a buzzer not a bell the bus are keen to have a special meaning for the dogs food was comey in dogs actually started drooling just when they heard the sound even when no foot was around the buzzer had become pleasurable david greenfield a psychologist at the university of connecticut says smartphone notifications are doing the same thing to our brains his elevating monroe chemical dopamine dopamine is a pleasure chemical so the phone is basically turned us all in the past loves dogs that's exactly what the phone is done we are all power loves dogs a growing number of doctors are concerned about people's relationship with their phones there's a debate about what to call it some say a disorder or problematic behavior others think it could become a behavioral addiction like gambling on a limp key a psychiatrist at stanford university says there's a wide range of severe dis and symptoms it's a spectrum disorder so there's a mild moderate and severe forms and for many people there's no problem at all in this way limped he says the phone is kinda like alcohol so i'm not saying you know everybody get rid of their smartphones they're completely did you have say let's be very thoughtful about how we're using these devices because are we can use them and pathological ways lemke says signs a pathological use our for instance does the phone make you stay up at night and not get enough sleep or does it reduced the time you interact with friends and family or is it making you rude when you're in the middle of having a conversation with someone are you in the middle of that just dropping down and scrolling through your phone and may be doing it totally unaware that you're doing it also heavy usage me squelch your creativity it really deprives.

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