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That number months years this way we stopped doing that but that is from an extra excerpt of the december twenty sixteen edition of wirehouse okay december december december sixteen to read further this is what else he said for those that have been following any mr carrillo's positions even back to the tea party movement's very beginnings along with rick santelli you will know that he does favor many policies that are extremely fiscally conservative and guess what happens to be on that list a metals backed us dollar whether or not that sentiment translates into the stance the trump administration takes on previous metals is a great unknown however we will be very forward in saying that the addition of kudlow in any capacity in the trump administration means that the likelihood of a mention or actual implementation of a metals back us dollar just went up dramatically so you wrote this this was through your oltra system this was back in december twenty sixteen and what happened in the week of march march eighth through fifteenth of twenty eighteen what happened nick surprise there's collins replacement it's kudlow well you must be feeling pretty good about yourself i i would be smug i dare i dare say i i would make i i am making the smug face on that one and the reason i am making the smug face on that one is is for no other reason that it's of course it's further validation of the system that we worked absurdly hard on here but at the same time we've actually i'm going to say this he's actually become almost used to it that level of accuracy and that's probably what are the most horrifyingly arrogant things anybody ever may construe my saying but the reality of the scituate his we've become accustomed to that level of accuracy and you know in a world of of shoot arrow and then people's i around wherever it hits type systems you can't fake that kind of stuff you can't make that stuff up and that's the product of a heck of a lot of hard work well in fact nick i mean when did you first get trump on your radar screen through your programming model that would have been a sterile months.

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