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If you saw how it was getting so bad i now can't wear my bose headphones all the time because it began to chafe irma head that is how often i had them on because at if i'm in the gym i'm reading if i'm brushing my teeth i'm reading the only times i used to doni moore's in the shower i use that for meditation out but anyway man like that's how often i'm reading i am taking in some information to empower myself to learn something that i need to make my dreams come true okay so i'll stop at that we could really go on for a long time if i knew more about your situation and where you were really struggling but if i had to guess it's those systems the routines the habits you've gotta get your kids into that so that you have that time for yourself and you have to be crazy religious about it which means you're not gonna be able to go and party and by the way i'm no sympathy for that i saw i didn't have kids i sold my twenties and most of my thirties i didn't go out didn't party i didn't play nothing i worked i worked really start dating until it was like twenty four twenty five so my wife i've said this before us is not exactly a secret but my wife was the first like real relationship ever had because then spend time dating because i was fucking working so that's why it's important to do things you love i have so many more questions about why you feel fifty but anyway there you go that'll get you started come back as more questions give me more clarity i'm super intrigued by that daniel breeze youtube.

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