China, Willie, Senate discussed on MSNBC Morning Joe


Clearly there is overcapacity dumping entrench shipping of stealing aluminum by some countries particularly china but i think the smarter way to go is to make it more surgical and more targeted we want to make sure that it's done in a prudent ways that's more surgical so we can limit unintended consequences so uh willie you've got a little relying on y'all a ton going on here around arise decision a critical time you've got the of course majority leader in the senate at the speaker of the house you've got obviously our allies from canada to australia the europeans people across the globe watching the markets greatly concerned obviously you've got to look at the asian futures in make sure the skies not falling make sure that a lot of people 401 case aren't white doubt this morning when the market opens and we understand in the midst of this these trials this tribulation that the president of the united states a thoroughly is up early and he has spoken he is tweeting what can you tell us his go to the willie tweet gaz de it says it new york but he's actually nonconfidence early what's it's got quite john edwards on the bachelors but it's closed this is the president tweeting this morning what what about about net it was executive producer rentis said survivor of course his wife roma downey gas he tweeted great coupled great book kromah's got a new book out today apparently called box of butterflies joe.

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