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Tell me about this one you know i wrote this with rawson heather which we have a way of writing i think are kind of our wheelhouse is writing these feelgood kind of songs i beat the music was my mind but this kind of not be the music kind of bank kind of song where it's just feels good i you know i came off wanna be at song into the long way and i felt like i wanted to the right sound for the moment it was this when we were cutting this album i knew i wanted to get this song out because i for one i loved it i love certain songs that just feel great when you sing them live and i love songs where you turn it on you don't have to think about too much you just know that it's come make you smile it's kind of make you feel good and and i think feel good connects with a lot of people especially when it has some when it has heart to it this one has heart to it you don't have to think about a lot and i just i just woke up one morning i literally i woke up and i was like hey alexa play love someone i'm trying to pick pick a single which is the worst experience sometimes when you're trying to decide between songs because you're so in the middle of all it's hard to yeah and you and your picking us own that you're awfully going to be singing for decades or you know so if you wanna love it so i told alexa play love someone that is later in bed for a minute i just felt good and you get you get you get a feel in your heart like you got to feel really good in your heart that that what the song releasing like you don't have any regret and i remember playing telling alexa play it and i heard it and it was between that another song and been been there was the one simple as that and people love it live and the crowd is a one probably the most favorite lab songs that it's not a single it's definitely a smiley face on yeah there's songs i felt like when you hear goal i feel good yeah you don't have to really think about that i like it you with all the songs and the beard and i got i'm never only one time i've never had my beard on my career since i really short be when i first started but was wanna be that song video the first time i didn't have a beard in years i shot all the stuff of playing my original self and the music video what am i beard and everything and then we shaved my beard completely in i mean look we're people were so freaked out it's so only because it is a character i only know you as a beard everybody only knows you like your friends police chase her head or something about i don't know that person is i mean you can literally a person can literally change in your mind personas completely change if they changed their then eventually get used to that and becomes normal of course i wasn't gonna stay with that beard because there was weird i looked like i was twelve but i've always had the beard other than that video and i scared a lot of people and and but it was fun what do you how tall you six almost six five six four and a half when did you stop growing i started growing like jut into sophomore junior junior year high school so like i was suppose playing basketball baseball football and then i quit football and basketball i think after the sophomore year i quit basketball football true freshman because i i didn't get big yet then i got big and that was a pretty good athlete i got big and so i'd already quit those still played baseball for years and i'm just going to stick with the music thing i still love to play sports and everything that i didn't have the high till later i'm throwing the first pitch at the cubs game and if you weeks it's a dire cubs fan too i knew yeah i saw you wearing a cubs like maybe yesterday or something yeah i'm i'm so yeah have you done it yet i.

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