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Life is like as a teenager. Well, it was All around your when I lived in play del Rey across the street at Lisa Jones from who played buffy on family repair. Refrained and she I was really. Wanting to get close to her and she had I, think I had one class with her and she was kind of abused i. got the feeling she got abused by teachers under she talked about her mom taking your money and stopping. And I. I didn't want to let her into my clubhouse because she smoked cigarettes remembered. At Eleven or twelve role that was pretty advanced. She wanted out of show business she I learned I could see that I think he was being. Rude for playing Reagan in the exorcist and she just didn't do it. She just wanted out of the you know there was. A. Location shoots always going on I remember the FBI shooting. Near lived there, Plato Rain and going on set and a meeting. Monte Markham was the guest star that episode and I, I had just graduated Fourth Grade I. Think it was I. had my report card. and. Money in another actor, took my report card in coached me and said, you know the the in English is good. The be is alright in history. What's The D. in mass? screw new or not you gotTa do better in Math Kid. What I knew then I wanted to be inaccurate. Told Them. That's why they were coaching already. and. I dove in a mostly starting in junior high. and. Did A lot of stage work and then community theater and also making films with with Fred. And you just had a birthday happy birthday for and I just wanted. This jibbidy. My Wife. Cake and Great Food and and. Little Booze and and some marathon star trek next generation, which I never got to see I I had a whole I. Think it was ten year period in the ninety s when I was raising my boys that I just didn't watch. TV At all and last. I've had that for the last twelve years. I haven't had a television in my house and avonex cable TV pumped in at all. So I. I'm I've had that situation now I I did it voluntarily for no reason other than I just felt like it was poisoning toxic. I think the Starting feeling I was being catered to with an abused by commercials I was just like. And the side show mentality with the talk show the advent of reality tv all that stuff just like no kind of insulting. So I had to I didn't miss it put it that way. So, one thing I wanNA. Touch base on with you and your career, which is fine. I think you'll get this reference the Darren Stevens opposite of. with and for for people in the audience, don't know on a sitcoms sixties bewitched and they switched husbands in middle show and it would just went from Dick York to Dick Sargent who didn't look anything like each other one guy changed and so you had that experience you didn't look you don't look anything like Crispin, glover he was in the first back to the future movie you were in the second third it it says. So how did you get that role? How did come apart and did you have the same reaction I heard when you heard it is that I'll look like kristen. I'm not gonNA play him. It was. The whole story you know is is a little convoluted Matt they thought they had crispin but apparently, negotiations were not going well, he was holding out for a million dollars and script approval. And I they wanted to offer. Hundred thousand maybe less. And they weren't about to script approval and he had been apparently a pain on the first film being very eccentric with his demands and such and. I wasn't told really anything. During the process of casting I met with. The assistant directors who then referred me to casting Roy auditioned in the night, a screen test with the prosthetic makeup that I had fitted. In my mind they needed George. In two places at the same time. Perhaps like when Michael Played Mardi Mardi Junior Marlene. Fifteen I figured there were you know these complications that? They needed to Georgia's and because I was told that I would just be a photo double. and. Sort of in the Eleventh Hour I. I was informed that Crispin was out and I was like house why? What and I, figured he got another film that he couldn't get out of Bianca's low anything about the negotiations falling apart. I was Kinda kept. Out of the loop, even with a table reads with the script or rehearsals it was. It was odd for me. The thing that you referred to on the bewitched where York is replaced by Sergeant York Dick, you're got sick or something and when sergeant. The, the ratings plummeted. With future partout I I don't think the ratings plummeted I. and. What they did was very smart in the young George Makeup which looks close up very odd that I'm in in fact, Mike Fox and and others looked at me going that looks so strange they kept me at a distance or out of focus and then spliced Mike work with shots of Crispin from the first film. and. That as old George I think they had planned to Georgia Crispin. So they wrote him hanging upside down because a car fell out of the sky while who's playing golf and wrenched his back and Anyway I endured the torture mint for Crispin of hanging upside down for long long days. We had a nineteen twenty one and a twenty six hour long date. In that one week I remember on although it took I think over two weeks shooting all the two thousand fifteen stuff. I I don't think anybody in the audience even really gave it much thought at the time because in the first one Chris Glover kind of made made a little bit of an impression but not so much that people would notice him and say you know at that time anyway think he was the star of the movies that you know I a of. The differ I. I had worked with him F I on a film with dental early eighty three before he got the first Ville. And when I saw the first film I thought he'd knocked out of the park I thought he was incredibly funny and. I was like I. Know that Guy I had his phone number and. When they announced that I'd be taking over the role I couldn't fathom that I I was like, how are they going to? Get around not having.

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