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Yeah and as we talk about clemson kelly brian getting healthy two games for now they play in seats the nc state in run only what they do taking care of the football not throwing interceptions the for the first half of the season i thought you know there were a dnc don't type offense get the ball out to their guys and he tried to break tackled to hit the big plays and then i saw on play logo and all of a sudden they come out with a game plan of going down feel for the big play so now i truly believe that this nc state offenses as good as anybody in the country they have that much firepower and kirk you talked about their defense incease they clemson we the best game in the acc absolutely looking forward in a few weeks we just showed you their schedule and you saw notre dame on their certainly a team that is raising eyebrows as they move through the season lot of football left to play but as we talk about notre dame could the committee leave the irish out even if they run the table will the stuff that after that and on saturday huge playoff implications on the line as michigan takes on penn state at beaver stadium that game seven thirty eastern on abc also in your hand on espn app fresh out there he got set of clemson sarah hughes wears off against the only undefeated team left in the acc that of course being number eight miami saturday at three thirty pm eastern on espn and can't figure have you done something new with your scares in numerous nitish it really brings us in your old using lightning strips do things fangs good girl really a really charming snakecharmer surprising which not surprising come which you could save by switching to gaiko weighed what have you been doing philosophy stu guy fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more time now to discuss capital one fan vote highlighting teams that had the biggest impact on the college football playoff four top ten teams go down this past weekend joey which upset was most surprising to you.

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