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Good Morning. President trump released a new list of potential supreme. Court. Justices will talk about the political ramifications that's ahead on Washington Wednesday also world tour and telling Bible stories with Comex. You know every. Paper. With our scribbles as sometimes we will on the walls. In. A furniture and some thoughts from world founder Joel Bells. It's Wednesday September sixteenth. This is the world and everything in it from listener supported World Radio I'm Mary Reicher and Meghan Basham Good Morning Now. The news here's Kent. COVINGTON. Hurricane Sally. Slowed to a crawl on. Tuesday over Gulf waters. The storm did not slam the coast last night as expected but outer rain bands in tropical storm force winds still lashed barrier islands at Alabama. Instead, Sally will make landfall today and it's now expected to move ashore as a category one hurricane rather than a cat to as earlier forecasts predicted that means top sustained winds of eighty miles per hour when it strikes land likely somewhere around the Alabama shoreline. But while the storm has been downgraded, wind is not the biggest concern. National Hurricane Center. Director Ken. Graham says even Korn here twenty inches rain. So very dangerous situation that is just torrential rainfall, flash flooding and big issues there from the Florida panhandle to the Alabama coast and Graham noted that the slower the storm moves the more rain will drop as it pushes to the North Flash flood watches and warnings are now in effect.

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