Sousa Hospital, CNN, President Trump discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Today a mothers Sousa hospital because she missed the chance to kill her disabled son it was on CNN but he made those comments we are where we are because people like casing have not pushed back ever for I don't know how long and it for it it illustrates once again why trump is president and why his support is continuing to grow is because he's the only one taking the lead on this stuff pushing back against these people who win tend our country harm why did not push back on that why do we have to respect opposing points of view isn't being generally about it when they're trying to undercut the very foundation fabric or what the country is we don't have time to worry about whether some people understand that are not they have to be shown that's what trump is doing is a great job I think of illustrating who these people are and he's doing it as usual within the elected class is doing it alone folks this is a time of year when a lot of families take vacations it's also the time of year when the highest number of home burglaries take place because there are more people on vacation and not home no coincidence there in fact all home left unprotected the is the easiest target for a burglar and it's not hard to learn whether somebody's home or not it's not hard to case a joint and figure out what the arrival and departure plans and and habits are I one of our listeners in Tulsa took our advice and installed a simply safe home security system to protect their home when they left and they told us simply same customer service team one afternoon I got a call from the twenty four seven monitoring teams even get monitoring here I mean somebody's watching for you and whenever there's any kind of an alert any kind of a break in alarm something triggers one of the sensors simplisafe monitoring people got a call and are alerted to the problem and that's what happened here was reported of a break in in progress with in seconds it twenty four seven monitoring payment simply safer notified the cops the Tulsa police department and what they do best they showed up within five minutes the bottom line is that a couple of convicted felons are headed back to prison and the stolen car they were using went back to its rightful owner all because the homeowner.

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