Briana Taylor, Joe Biden, Attorney General Daniel Cameron discussed on Sean Hannity


Johns Hopkins University. Both President Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden. Battleground states today. The president in Ohio simply of Biden wins China wins If we win Ohio winds and most importantly, it'll finish America wins Biden in Wisconsin, Donald Trump flies and incompetence in the past six months have seen one of the gravest losses of American life. In history. There are less than 50 days until Election day. Preparations underway in Louisville, Kentucky for possible protests when the state attorney general issues a ruling in the Briana Taylor case, Louisville police leadership has declared a state of emergency because of the impending decision from state Attorney General Daniel Cameron. He's deciding whether the three officers who carried out the No knock warrant drug raid on Briana Taylor's apartment. Should be charged in her death. Cameron has not said when he will make the announcement. But federal buildings in Louisville have already been closed and locked down. Taylor died in March after being shot multiple times during the raid. One officer was fired the city last week settle the civil suit paying Taylor's family $12 million. Good All Scott Fox News. Tropical Storm Betas Nearing the Texas coast. The National Hurricane Center is this area's already water logged on previous storms could see as much as 58 inches of rain. America is listening to Fox News. Here's that Bryant heating and cooling forecast from the Fox six weather experts. Partly cloudy tonight temperatures dropping through the sixties and into the fifties overnight partly sunny and warm on Tuesday with a high around 78 77 on Wednesday. I'm Fox six. Meteorologist Tom Walks. This report is sponsored by T Mobile for Business T Mobile business Advantage Right now get up to 90 days of unlimited free on business plans. When you switch stop by for details, plus taxes and fees complete port within 60 days, customers.

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