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I've lived a life in which every day from the age of Seven. I've realized that this world. This nation. State. Cities I've been in there. People that hate me. Hate me so much. They WANNA kill me. That's a lot to chew on as A. seven-year-old. As a lot to chew on as a twenty seven year old as thirty-seven-year-old. For Dr Nella. Frazier, who seventeen that is so. Much To Chew on? She looked and she recorded as the officer looked back at her. Almost as if to say you know what this can happen to him. Certainly happen to you. You're no better than him. If, he can die. You can die. Yet she stood there. She stood there. She recorded. She faced death. She faced her fears. And we're thankful. Like God for Darnell, Frazier. If. She didn't record what was happening. People were not a believed. People want to believe if if she'd in the stand up and say you know what I want to run. I WANNA go home. I, don't WanNa see this. If she would Iran from from. That spot. This movement going on around the world probably would not have occurred. The protests that are going on the marches that are going on right now. Those are marches. Those protests that that. A really drawn from the strength Darnell Frazier Yes for more because of the death of Jewish Floyd, but without the strength of Darnell Frazier. We wouldn't be here. A seventeen year old strength seventeen year olds vision seventeen year olds heart. Her mind. The world has changed because of her. Yet, she was traumatized..

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