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Canada. The articles is avoid sugar substitutes, but US won't do it because of corporate manipulation of FDA. Well this came from Health Canada, we didn't put that title on there. They haven't posted up so people realize honorable Ginette Pettit. Bob taylor. Misra Health Canada out of genetic PA mischief house candidates, speaking in the name of the Americas region. Okay. And of course, this is she said this as a dietitian, okay? Nutritional writer TV contributor, who works in US kissy. Where does that likes to keep up with health palsy, both nations amazingly Health Canada? Aides respond for public health and with enormous powers to do as for a new course in the area of circus of suits track chirpy, divergence, wanting United States because there's no place under more crop. Didn't United States is there. Well, I don't know. That's a lot of countries are corrupt, but in the United States, and everywhere you turn, there's corruption to such an extent at the FDA two thousand and admitted that that was so much corruption. They were broken. And that was lowers feared reprisals. And they really couldn't be any healthy anybody. So. Yes. You and then you've got congress, which is corrupt. The people making the decisions are corrupt. You got big farmer running the country and killing people with all these things who's drugs. Nobody taking responsibility. And when Kennedy Robert Kennedy spoke aback vaccines. He was talking about that nineteen eighty nine they made them as biologics and case Russia was gonna poison America and didn't know what to call them and set the combeback scenes. And that's all the diseases started and Kennedy did not know about aspertain. So you got the combination of the vaccines vaccines cause autism as pertain causes autism. So when does the baby even have a chance, and it might tease about two thousand twenty five one of two babies will be boring autistic. So I guess this is as corrupt yet. America the crop. Donald trump. His least central tangible. He's of people very bad, like big moving Saint five days. Okay. The fact is Trump should deal with things like Rumsfeld is aspartame officials liters and Trump himself drinks bunch of these every day. I mean, maybe house buddy you could see it. He's drinking diet coke. I you know, I don't mind having a Walker, but having a diet coke with his bed. No. But he brings twelve a day. And he's running the country. This is. With a bullet the bullet of aspartame. We've got to get this Dhakal had to stop because he doesn't understand. He's, here's an arrogant SOB thinks advisor on going to take care of they're gonna make sure they they neutralize them. And it doesn't matter if he dies, like, for example, Ronald Reagan of cancer or dementia, which you did by the way die. Because wrong Reagan had asked him lace, jelly beans, on his desk in the White House. Didn't he in the Oval Office aspertain lays jelly beans? Didn't he? Well he had beans. Andy, obviously used it because the Atlanta Journal constitution when he was here in Atlanta. Interviewed him. And I asked him are you still using aspertain and the only answer he gave was that, that today they know a lot more than they did then? So he doesn't use it anymore. So we don't know whether we grant died green are, but I do know that even his wife was using it, because there was an article in the paper about it. So, you know, that's one of the things DACA Roberts talked about if one person in the families using aspertain it's in the fridge, and usually the whole family is affected. So, I believe aspertain is what gave him all Amherst, because, as pertain causes all of that mors and informants, said that the national soft drink association, did a ten years study and found that it caused birth defects blindness and. Members. Okay. I'm gonna give it another name for a call Asper Hivers. How's that? You're very good at names, but. Aspe- disease. That's cute. You have drinking, you hadn't floor, cokes day. No onda. You now have no more Astra sites, your house, which is German for loom have no more glued task to your neurons, though, under your dying your brain cells are dying because you had asked, but I'm. You know, it's so memory laws is so prevalent. It's number on the FDA list. And after taking cases Greece for thirty years, a lot of women would call and say did forget to pick up their children and forget where they were and how to get home and all these things that have been going on for all these years, nobody doing anything about it. So. The problem is and, you know, we were first people too busy lives. No, I call a vicious. Ignorance when people hear people like me they bare their teeth growl. And if I can persecute him by going and finally, go plant with the state licensing authority or file a lawsuit work get him to lose his or her job, or whatever then they'll shut up. And the problem is people like you. I mean, we don't sit up we actually dig, our heels because they now were nowhere over the target. It's like when you're getting flak of your fighting a war you're getting flak because you're over the target, we know damn well, hitting painter when you make conflicts with the FDA people, and you have somebody from the comments saying, yeah, we got to reduce the world population. Yeah, we're gonna poison them with aspartame. And they actually said, what was the name of the gentleman who said that to you from the FDA allowed people? Michael delaney. Enough to call satanic hone as or balls to tell you. Yeah. We're trying to kill you. What are your problems? What just shut up and die all the young people to become sterile, stupid and replaced by the super race. SS. How's house? Win win Delaney called me it was in two thousand and that and then two thousand and is win the FDA some of the scientists wrote Obama in congress about the corruption. And so my in that called me was upset because these just had done this, and I said, we'll what is it that he will they wanted? He says Obama says to go back and, and answer all petitions from cadavers than seven, and I said, is that why you're so angry man's back in two thousand and two he's will it's not gonna get done if I only was answered and two thousand fourteen along with Dr stores. But neither one of us got letter because they knew we would appeal it. So they were just trying to get around. Put a bomb and told him to do because they had to do something. Action that I'm gonna take. I'll tell people besides the show and telling sending other people to video, and the audio leaks is to get the Halloween in court. Proceeding Lillian, course, which is under our diagnostic and therapeutic, Dr Fred graves start falling proceeding and actions against drug companies your state legislatures federal government cetera. And if thousands of people file proceeding and actions, don't go to adapt attorney. They're part of the problem. The attorneys if you look at the politicians most damn politicians are turning around in the bar association, British outsize registry. They're tied in with the drug companies that are pushing all these regulations on us allow toxic vaccines, and toxic food. What are you don't even notify you what the hell's in the two of tablets? You're swallowing now sub suit for your previous, you know a script that was a pill. While didn't have asked pertain. The fact is get that course foul proc- again, actions notify people get on social media send the links across to our videos and other material, we have. Neutra medical doctor, Betty MARTINI. Go to our website mission possible world. House international. W H, I, M, P, WHYY dot dot org. Right. Yes, actually, come or or

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