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Can't do this anymore. We're not you know I'm not paid to be anymore. Essentially yes and you know. It wasn't his phone. You know an books coincident Metha- actually decided that didn't WanNa go didn't want to go see and he didn't WanNa go. It didn't Wanna I like so of didn't go back to school and then I just thought school and actually a lot of people a lot of sources sources of anxiety from school at left so I have whereas able to solve do and finish my air my year at Uni and then what I did was did that and then I went to you nate and just parked everything assigned and just four new year. Niimi Hashtag like that you know moved moved I moved and this has been a massive theme to me. I moved to university shift feelings. Aside and floor I'll just pick them up later and I went to Union Hud. Best Time I'm mentally is probably one of the best places that have been when I was at Uni took place called university book him so big thing about me. Is that quite big personality s now yeah like things in small doses. So I like things to be small so when I went to school I went to like I went to a really small school. I went to you know we only had one. High School was about one thousand students in this only one high school and when I went to uni. I've thought very carefully about what I want. Go originally I was going to go and do musical theater. I will go into one of the best musical theater. Schools in the country called mountain view. And they I saw when I didn't enjoy at all and test test the waters out and it was just wasn't for me and decided that I wanted to go to place called went at this place called University of Buckingham because I had a friend. He went there and he was telling me about how their degrees or two years rather than three. This is not an advert for my university but the the thing was for me I didn't like this idea of chopping and changing between having a life at university than coming home in the summer and having to to to basically come back and live this life appear appear so when you did go home having to deal with this yet and I think that during that time is really put the brakes on those feelings and and I didn't realize a lot of things didn't realize it was. It wasn't till later that I realised hunt so the whole time I went to uni. Shift them on the bed. And then I came out. Uni was freelancing for Babe as a journalist in feed freelance jobs. Bits and bobs here and then hilariously the local editor for the local newspaper. Ed which was a newspaper grownup on an in of when I've been home I'd done little bits of work for the manatee freelanced for the company that owns them. Johnson price a COUPLA The Times down South and he said Oh Helen. He's one of our reporters is maternity. Would you like to come and cover maternity and I was like. Oh yeah like that. Steer you know it's a proper job for year and see how that goes so I went home and then I suppose that's when things trickled to stop dot Com back because I was returning to that place where there was a source of anxiety even though like you know the the calm and things like physical the physical things. Weren't there mentally the barriers. Still that so going back and and so how did you know. I had a really nice year but what happened was it was. I then started to not care about myself so like this is this is another thing. self-care is something that I just I probably still improperly. Don't embrace embraced more last year. But the the you know I didn't hear about myself physically and mentally and things start to go quite badly move to this for some stupid reason because the places so rural I moved to this cottage in the middle of nowhere. This is hilarious story. I'll tell it really quickly but I moved into this row of three inches in the middle of nowhere like literally like forests around June to fight. This and I was leaving moving to house in those getting set up and got I got a call from the got an email from the company saying that my Internet have been cancelled successfully. Thank you for your letter Mister Pearson Blah Blah Blah so wrong the Latin agent for the House. They spend about the best part of the day trying to figure out what happened. And then I got phone call from the landlords and they go. So you're never gonNA guess what happened was I. What and they they were like they basically said we've discovered that your name is Michael Pearson and you live in number two Hobo College and and we've discovered the Michael Jackson lives in number three judge in his son? Mike Piazza's number what message the Dow it literally is like Lychee turned out in these three colleges. In the World Michael Jackson high areas like Pearson row like obviously still speech lovely. But that was that was that was just a story basically. I moved to to these three colleges in the middle of nowhere on Pearson row in this little sort of ideal of like what I thought life would be like a nice eyesore of move myself here and I just hate it every second of it and I told myself I was enjoying myself and I wasn't so after I stayed on after Matana the cover and then it got to about March two thousand fifteen and I decided no eye contact us anymore. Ajab moved myself completely to Surrey and got a job working for in Trinity Mirror. which is all company was uncle reach so I got working for the company that I have not left since by moved around quite a bit and not was a big theme to me was moving and when I went sorry that was is probably even though it had this really time seventeen eighteen? The DOC is time for me was when I was living in Surrey and it's quite hard because because I've made some re. It's quite hard to say I've I've ever said that before it's quite hard. 'cause I know people who I worked with in Surrey and friends had in Serie D. Listens those podcasts. ASU got nothing to do with that. I just sort of went into the spiral of worst depression and it was a physically being being sort of having this slog of you know I had a job that I really enjoyed eyewitness freely. Great people by come home on. I lived in a five bed. How Shah paying seven hundred quid? A month to live in this. I lived in the basement room. So there's no light it was dammed. It smelled bad really all the battle. The time I dislike toy that was like on the other side and the stats and Denisa thing. It was just like these horrific setting and I just got depressed depressed. I stopped eating properly. I just all nodes away. I just put on wake kappa away like Confetti and yeah and I just thought that would be a way for me to cope with an I just I. If I'm if I'm really honest I don't think I've I I still don't think I've dealt with it properly and I still. I'm still recovering from in lots of different ways and I mean not to jump around a lot too not much but you know I thought that dealing with this how I deal with. This is what I'd move. Just keep moving and I move jobs a couple of times time and you know and then I was. I got a promotion and I was doing more work around the South East of England the company we wear canal. Send me round so of work in Kenton Essex in Cambridge near these big long haul drives long slugs around the Oar Philemon twenty I five and you know I hated every second of and it was nothing to do with my company it was just me and I just probably wasn't in the right place to to to talk about The into say I'm having these issues because I still that and we never talked about this and I do remember Christine Washy. We've had the PODCAST. Before is all colleague. I just remember him writing piece a good few years ago where he talked about being amount on the sports desk and talking about you know him talking about his mouth and it was probably me one of the first times this is before I lived in Liverpool. Oh for the first time ever seen anyone opened up because he was a big thing about his story was that he'd struggled with his his weight and he used and he he talked about you know being. I can't remember what his name was but I was a similar way. I think at my most depressed time I was about twenty two stone so I was in a really really place and people didn't realize it because you know on the outside it was like Michael piece he shows and sings and not you like people have known me as a person who caroused people to get when I was at uni. I went and sat a musical theater society. We performed huge shows that the university. I had never seen anything like that before. They've never done anything like that before. And we would just like yeah. Let's do it. Let's have like a great time and we pulled. It was a friend from university weekend tendency. She now works Nemo departments and she says you know we still use mocked him pictures from when you did that show because it was an example of a time when actually loads people from the university came together and actually did something and that was always something. That's always something that I that I e take pride in being. No no now I still do it. Now Directing two shows at the same time but idea 'cause I enjoy and it's an escape. It's something to cope with them. And so how. That's how I use my theater. You and I were both busy but it seems that you're always busy. Euro goes Rosenstone of You know you mentioned to me this week. You're singing funeral am so you're always keep yourself busy but he's think sometimes that's is your detriment because you don't deal with feelings you're right and I think that that is a way of that's a way of me. That's the way I I. I know busy people and people like to be busy to hide away things and say you know. Let's not do it but I think if you'd asked I mean the question if you'd asked me that question a year ago literally this time last year because it was interesting this time last year mean Christine. We're talking I mean Christine talking about Matt Hav podcast and see that's how you knew in K.. We're having a discussion about mental health..

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