Dowd, President Trump, Muller discussed on The 11th Hour with Brian Williams


Dowd was was the could not get the president to agree with him that you should you should stiff arm muller and keep them at a distance however at the same time as a political strategy not illegal one it does seem that trump and his allies throughout the conservative media and on capitol hill we've been watching this closely politico the rhetoric is really escalating it does tend to evan flow we've been through cycles like this people may remember going into the holidays at the end of the year the rhetoric was really cranking up and there were a lot of predictions that mother would be fired you know sort of christmas eve massacre that didn't materialize but it feels like it's cresting again and maybe even more intensely than before and i think that joseph degen uva joining the legal team adds to that but there is this kind of confusing question about what is the legal strategy for chick yearly when it comes to an interview with muller i think that's not been resolved but but trump did say today that he wants to talk to mom ty cobb maybe winning that fight so that is a kind of parallel track that we need to be watching closely because of course the stakes of an interview like that are just incredibly high vivian because of your aforementioned front row seat on this administration for the folks who may settle down at the end of the day and join us i don't know over a martini to kind of get caught up on this day in the administration on the hubbub scale what's it like now compared to say fourteen months ago in some ways it's really interesting things have calmed down it's a bit more orderly in terms of the daytoday sort of organization of the white house and in the old days we were getting you know sort of sporadic calls everybody gather up right now and there wasn't the systematic scheduling and organiz ation that the white house usually has but obviously behind the scenes there's a lot of people who are feeling a little bit disenfranchised morales sort of shaky because of the fact that there's been so much turnover and that's not necessarily unusual for.

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