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Three point shooters the is using google cloud at turn data into insights and so can your business see how it g dot co slash march madness google cloud the official cloud of the ncaa talk merita to me hello everyone welcome to another edition of talk nerdy to me presented to you by google cloud i'm seth walder alongside college basketball analytics specialist paul sabin paul i mostly want to look ahead but i don't think that we can have a conversation about college basketball and probability without bringing up the unbc upset over virginia so using put that crazy number sixteen over number one of set in context for us i mean it was definitely i think we all agree the most improbable win of any team at two story and be agrees grant it'd be piling goes back about ten years but we had the one and a half percent chance of the retrievers we were gonna pull that one off and they did and some other notable upsets for reference if you might recall the florida gulf coast over georgetown to get in the sweet sixteen city yep don't yeah that was three and a half percent so you know this one is even more unlikely than that virginia obviously overall see doesn't get crazier than that so let me ask you about this south region now which obviously has really opened up with the upsets all four of the top seeds in that region are out it seems pretty clear to everyone that sort of the seas parted for kentucky and they are the fever to come out of that region should kentucky fans be thinking more about a championship at this point then even just the vital four i mean yes i mean they can think about championship if they want it still not.

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