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I don't wanna see that. I won't punk to come out and talk shit and then walk away. I don't i don't because aws known to do that. And they're prone to and that's a stupid shit when i go back to it. They don't allow people just to be standing alone and do that. The only person allowed to do that. I can't even say that. Because he's been getting fucking interrupted to fucking cody. Cody was the only one doing stand alone and walk away. He'd only do it when it's a heartfelt moment for shit bothered it now. We gotta when punk comes out. Punk has come out on his own. Lance archer defeats equal to retain the item you. Gp united states championship. I i really didn't care. I i don't see what it is that people see about this kid i don't i don't know i. I was happy to see how there i was. I was cool for that and i don't even know why the announcement as saying. Oh fuck it is like. Oh i don't know But yeah it wasn't a real fan of this kid. I don't i don't see it. Yeah me either. Cody rhodes and malachi malachi. Black got into a brawl. Of course they did. Of course. Because once i just mentioned cody can have a conversation with us. Something happened braxton. Behan fucking shrimp. He's a simp- wrestlers got involved and grabbed up malachi but then For some reason. Monica grabbed the wiggled soul and knocked him out with the black mass. Out of all people get you kick him. Which by the way are you a fan of them. Going back to the to the to the to the guerrilla fucking tony kahn. And cody at the fucking tables and shit no. I don't i don't like that. No that that's like that's like the opera fan going back to the fucking light crew going and punching won't put the lights on. Now yeah right. Oh it's funny. 'cause i looked at the people who tell me. Oh they. they've done that wer. They haven't noticed something that no one's in that room when they go in there right are they. Don't see defensive mangone all talk no you don't see that shit they lean any do it for a like a quick second and then dawn or or it's just it doesn't happen all the time by the way i could have sworn that if you to give me a quick second waigel. This all was amazing. Red eye was. It fits perfectly for him christian jurassic express take on the hardy family office. Another match who does benefit here. Only one benefit was christian cage because they definitely putting him over to fucking against kenya omega. That's definitely what is four. Are we going to see Jungle boy Turn back no used to over now After the match..

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