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Look at it. I will. I guess he was a man. I guess at the BBC. At the time. Oh yeah. For sure. And he says there was the tornado warning issue from the stevia Birmingham and he said it literally could have took the lives of 77,000 people because there wasn't any way of getting the word to the people at the stadium. And he said the tornado literally comes right over the state, the developing tornado came over the stadium. But it later formed into a big tornado just a couple of miles later, which hit the eastern part of the state. And yeah, no, I'll definitely check that out. Hey, thank you so much, Chris. What are memory? And so what 40 almost 40 years ago? And I remember I remember the PA announcer Simpson pepper making that announcement. We'll take a short break. We are live in Nashville, continuing with your phone calls, more guests, including Christians, from Mississippi state. He'll join us right here. You are listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. Wednesday of the SEC tournament where Bridgestone in Nashville. And we're really happy to be rejoined by Christians, the head basketball coach of mister state and coach. We said something as I saw you and it's eerie to think about the last time I saw you, we were in starkville in October. You were about to start the season and you followed Mike leech on our set. Yeah, as I was walking up to the set, that's what I was thinking about, that my only interview that I've had with the famous Paul finebaum was in starkville and that fall day and I remember telling you before we went on air like, hey, I'd rather not follow coach leech anymore. He's a tough act to follow with how good of interview he is and how funny he is and we

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