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Against Oakland and one at nine to four getting six runs in the third innings into Bogart's two run double to help out the cause of the as had picked up four in the second off of era. No decision for him. Ryan brazier gets to win out of the bullpen. Matt Barnes picks up the SIV PawSox in buffalo doubleheader starting at five. Oh five today. You can hear that right here on NewsRadio nine twenty four seven FM big night tonight for Boston fans. Got the Red Sox going again, also got the Bruins drop in the puck at seven o'clock in Columbus against the blue jackets that series tied up at a game apiece and the Celtics game two in Milwaukee against the bucks. Celtics up ones zip there. They'll tip it off at eight o'clock and a judge rules who keep Robert Kraft's alleged sex video sealed until further notice in the patriots made a trade trade the tight end if you can believe it Jacob Hollister, not to me left at the time. Imposition. This the patriots get a seventh round pick next year in that the Seattle, I'm Steve McDonald? Thanks, max twenty six when you want to eat healthy, the meals chain restaurants can be a bit of a challenge if not downright misleading you might think ordering a salad. TGI Fridays is the way to go. But when you learn it's got the same number of calories as ten each pizza at dominos, while Christine, I think you gotta think again. Yeah. Sounds like it, you know, you might even think that your smartphone. Ordering that quantum only green salad over us we green, and it may even Pat yourself on the back for making the healthy choice. But it actually turns out that that salad has five hundred thirty calories and round. That's just about the same as a Big Mac, which has about five hundred forty now. Yeah. And that means that five hundred and forty calories you can actually have two big Macs around the same number of calories as you're going to get a burrito bowl from Chipotle lay. With that. If you get a Brown rice to pull a bull stake black beans. Fajita veggies tomato sauce corn cheese sour cream and guac. Well, those those are going to come out to about a whopping one thousand sixty five calories. I bet if you biff the sour cream and guac that would drop it down, but who wants to eat poorly without guacamole. Right. So when it comes to the sweet stuff, you could have two small butterfinger blizzards from Dairy Queen for that number of calories. One has five hundred twenty calories. So you'd actually have twenty-five calories. Leftover or you can help head over to Starbucks, and you can get yourself a grand caramel Frappuccino with whipped cream for just four hundred twenty calories instead, but for a few calories more you can also have a whole chicken sandwich at Chick-fil-A for four hundred and forty calories. Wow. Now back to that. TGI Fridays salad. Ron they have a pecan crusted chicken salad. That's pretty good. But when you learn that it actually has a whopping twelve hundred twenty calories, which is more than a whole ten inch. She's pizza from Domino's. I mean, it makes me think the order Wendy's. They have a full-size apple pecan chicken salad and that Klux in it only. Five hundred sixty calories, which you know, it's not too bad. But you can also get a little bacon burger at five guys for the exact same number calories. So they're posing the question now. What would you rather have read the menu the post Religa Lee now? Right. It's there maybe it's very very fine print, but it's there. All right. So bring a magnifies fast food customers. In the meantime, or not loving it. Apparently after hearing somebody was stealing dole from the money through a company app. Here's FOX's Kentucky. Multiple McDonald's customers in Canada reporting, a number fraudulent charges place to their mobile app accounts. Some clear how many people are behind the scheme. But one guy says he got the app tried to buy a Cup of coffee and it failed. But over the course of the next two weeks. He had almost fifteen hundred dollars rung up on his dime. The transactions were all under twenty five bucks. In most times. We're done in rapid succession just minutes apart. The male is able to get the charges refunded through his Bank. In a statement. Mcdonald's saying they are aware of the situation that. Confident and the security of the app. Ken Duffy, Fox News, while careful, careful careful. Okay. This is the data recognize it 'cause that's very close to the hearts of just about everybody who loves animals initiated by the ASPCA. This is the day that supporters take pause PA w s to ask yourself. How can we make our work together? Even more effective. This is national animal advocacy day, national adopt a shelter pet day. All right. And if you're in the market for a hound in the market for a dog check with a local shelter, you know because they have beautiful animals available and they all need loving homes. That's how I got my lab Hazel, and she's a beautiful animal took her home, but three and a half years ago just to beautiful dog. That's the way to go. If you're going to opt at six thirty NewsRadio nine twenty four seven FM off we go to the traffic center. It's a little wet out there. So be careful. John hamlets brought to us by truecar or fairly decent shape from route four towards the state offices this morning less than fifteen minutes travel time. So we'll take that southbound ride down for the S-curves in Pawtucket towards the one. Forty-six merge is. Okay..

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