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You for listening to the twenty in the morning. Show coming up. We've got a new release of a new podcast. Called all about relationships are going to give you a preview. It's going to be released this morning. From the bj murphy. Media franchise all about relationships featuring shontae vines. And you can check it out on spotify plus. I got more comments about why. I think south park mall wanted the no greece franchise damian jemaine to leave. That's coming up on the twenty minute morning. Show now you can fly anywhere in the world and paid discount prices on your airline tickets a flight today to london. Paris madrid or anywhere else. You wanna go and pay a lot. Less guaranteed call the international travel department right now at low cost airlines eight hundred seven one nine five six o one eight hundred seven one nine five six so one. That's eight hundred seven one nine fifty six. Oh one let's talk about the elephant in the room on the twenty minute morning. Show concerning the situation with no greece barbershop. The knights of razor brought to you by damian and jermaine johnson. Their barbershop has been in the mall. At south park can since january. Now they're asking them to leave by april the first because they want them out and we did discuss this on the podcast on yesterday. But i wanted to bring this out. Because i thought about it. And you know. I'm sure damian and jemaine have all went through this in their mind what i'm about to say as well because they've done businesses charlotte way more than any of us and they know was up against but southpark mall. I believe that they were protecting their interests from their white constituents. I say i think some of the other mall tenants were threatening to pull out. I believe it was fear of other black businesses wanting to move in seen the success of damien inhumane at southpark mall and the white power structure. This is near new. Let's go ahead and end this before they become successful and others wanna move in ended. Now somebody say dammit ended now terminate the lease terminated. Because you know people are comparing us to the situations that have happened in northlake mall over in. Concord mills malls shootings. And they thinking that. Because you've got black businesses in south park mall it is a or they're gonna bring that over here because we got a black barber shop and southpark mall. We've never done that before somebody in a room and chiming you you. You let them have a shop here for a while. i'm going to work. I'm getting too many phone calls. In some of our anchor stores are thinking about leaving. Just got to end this this lease but they're they're they're good guys they they've done business all over the city of charlotte. They're wonderful now johnny bite. We've got to end it now. Just just tell them to get out by april the first and then you seem like a dam only airport for months now a good month a good strong thirty some days plus so this was done in my opinion to block other black businesses from setting up shop as southpark mall fear of a black planet dislike public resented. It s my thoughts. Those are my thoughts. Just my thoughts. Who are going to get an update from damian and jermaine what the conversation is now since charlotte observer has made some comments. They did store. I think channel nine did a story and of course we were the first to come out. And i have some content on the situation with south park mall with damien germain and we wish them nothing but the best but now it is time for us as black people to realize that the power is with us and damian and jemaine made some statements about to gather as a black community and building our own area as beautiful as south park with our black business owners and black community coming together. It's time now. Louis man and you know ed. Don't even take a lot man. Bright chase a lot and then we start. You know you've got your entrepreneurs and then you got your corporate right thing. Bj i talked on this before man. These five important lanes right to decide where they're gonna get in our. Actually we got. We got corporate got entrepreneurs. We got our living at the lane so that's number. Three number four is education is education. Okay we got the academia lane and then the last one at the overnight so the people in the city of the people that you know the ground the workers. I call them the overnight man. He's five lane man. If i can get five lanes in each people to understand each lane what are we talking about economically tam. We could do that thing. Man man on the ball. You need the money going to education. Only the prayers go need the workers and you need to entrepreneurs to make the thing happening can get game together man. Listen put up with all due respect you. Two are the people that i think. The brothers and sisters will follow. You know what. I'm saying because y'all you proven that you you know what you're doing you know what i'm saying and y'all a good people man so i just think this is your legacy in charlotte is to just like you had hugh mccollum And the The city fathers who architect and built charlotte i think. Youtube are the cornerstone of building black. Charlotte never say that to you. Now and say that t t when i look at y'all those two brothers right there are the key to building black charlotte wealth and i thank. God probably drop this situation in your lap to make you see say looks. I need you to go this way. I had had to create a circumstance with y'all to see something so you can go this way because i think that's what your legacy is. Wow that's a lot of confirmation. Right there i tell you one be.

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