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Out after the Derby. WanNa triple sound that that happened. You know and so So you're trying to you know but if you can just like anything as a coach you know you said well. I'll never run that play again. You know and I won't you know you got a tweak you got to tweak it and so we've got You know but one thing that came back or healthy and that's never one thing so we'll We got that going for you. Mentioned also urges say afterward that your inclination is that have authentic stay at home point back for the Santa Anita Derby Does that mean thousand. Words might go out of town. You know what I'm really not sure we were thinking. I'll know it two weeks I'll know to until I work him back. I like to decide when I'm GONNA do with them but I just wanted to see how they come back. How they work back. And all that so understood The let's talk about the Philly then we'll talk about what lies ahead A lot of excitement about gamine making her debut and then I know people are saying Oh. She beat three horses. Well I I okay She couldn't have looked any more impressive the way she performed. Yeah I wish I could have gotten into over trying to get her in jail. Everybody knew about her you know with XP TV now everybody sees everything so.

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