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Trusted contacts did you see that in the app setup reminders to share your trip details with them whenever you ride so they can see you on the map and no one you've arrived my daughter my college age daughter had her third and final car crash this week she didn't hurt herself but she's totaled the car and i said hey good news it's actually cheaper for you to take uber everywhere and now you know i feel safe having her do that so i think that's a really good thing and i'll we'll have her sent me up as a trusted context so i know where she is now she's a rep my mom uses hooper in rhode island to she's eighty five she hasn't had a car in sometime mobility has been an issue for her to go to my sister every time she wants to go to the store or the doctor has been a real problem i'm going to have her call liza soon but no she's now i set her up with uber put the credit card in she loves it and uber's updated the app to make it easy for you to verify the details if you ride you'll see your driver's name car license you can make sure to get the right car the right ride every time i think uber's i want to succeed want uber to solve these problems and move forward and i think they're doing exactly that you could find out more at uber dot com slash moving forward i think this is an important trust initiative and as a fan and they user i'm really glad to see what dara khosro chinese doing and how they're moving forward to rerun our trust uber dot com slash moving forward app bold wdc monday you were there philip elmer to win yes yes i was santa's a first time seeing the oh you didn't go to the campus this is at mckenry right i have into the camp david night the day before they had an event there where people could go and fianna no i didn't get invited suit i didn't get invited any of it so your head of me believe me so you wanna talk about impressions first impressions i thought it was a pretty disorganized show.

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