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Honestly home. I think Hogan Mike Izzo be there probably. Yeah and Hogan lives in Florida. It's probably should be Hogan. He'll probably be Hogan, you know, yeah, you're that early well, I mean, who is I guess yeah, Hogan it against or the NWO to be Hogan Hollywood Hogan. Yeah, Hogan or Vince it have to be one of those right? You know, Vince would be interesting but I don't think he should be on T anymore. Yeah, cuz Vince AIDS old people which means he hates himself. That's true. That's true fans have also been wondering where Keith Lee has been says, he hasn't appeared on TV since February 8th. Yeah on March 8th Lee tweeted I missed you guys. Just know that and last week he tweeted I hear many of you. I see many of the messages one day. I will explain it all for the ones true to me off now know that I'm more than appreciate the continued support and when I return it will be filled with all the love I have for those that represent this lead and hm no home. So he's he's yeah, he's done. He's yeah, so, you know you w buddy right? I guess that's that's what I really don't get cuz Vince fucken loves big guys, right and there's no bigger guy than him. And he can do shit to yeah, like he can move in the ring. Yeah, I don't get it strange, right? Maybe he'll win the Battle Royal if they let him come back who knows also in an interview with the New York Shawn Michaels finally admitted that he regrets coming out of retirement to do the Saudi match from 2018. You fucking thing where it was him in the Triple H versus the Brothers of Destruction. I have no idea but from our standpoint, he was looking at it as it that might be the one who can walk away and then he had two more matches. Yeah, three more managers of shot. So at least Sean said that I'm sure he didn't regret that check he got for it. Right? Right, right. What do you got? So Dave Bautista took to Twitter after people had noticed that he was no longer listed right for the Hall of Fame introduction. Yes, so he said to the WWE Universe unfortunately due to previous obligations. Probably like Avengers. Thor 11th under Terry told me that right now. Yeah, I am unable to be part of the WWE Hall of Fame this year by my request they have agreed to induct me at a future attack mod were I'll be able to properly think the fans and people who made my career possible. There you go little smarter hands and hashtag dreams smart. He's like wait, I'm going to be inducted in front of Noah. How how free I'm going to be inducted in front of no one with like thirty other people. Yeah. Yeah the Thunderdome know. Yeah, he he wants to fucking be like the headliner cuz he was going to be the headliner of it, right? Yeah for sure. Okay. Yeah, so I mean yeah, he's smart. All right onto rumors, right? Kevin Owens wins back the universal title. Maybe Balor Club to finally get a second member Brock Lesnar willingly Works a full schedule. No chance next year's WrestleMania will be in Saudi Arabia off. Michael reported that Charlotte gruesome has been taken off. We TV due to Backstage heat after consistently being late for interview tapings. They're saying that's why WWE higher. The new box is reporter Kevin Patrick and to their credit. We haven't seen Charlie this report. She she was not on the priest the kickoff panel for Fast Lane now, so she's most likely be done with WWE. She is I think her contract was coming up soon. But I mean she she works with fucking ESPN. She'll be fine. Yeah, that's see this is where it seems weird to me is like she's laid for WWE. What about her USB end job, you know, like right she gets fired for being late for that job. Well, that's the thing. Like it's mainly being late to like backstage interview taping mainly with like Wharton and Seamus till late to work, right, you know, and she's on live TV on ESPN. So like if you're late, you're not fucking on T. So may I don't know how long At this is maybe it's just she told them I'm not resigning so they're like fine. We're not putting you on the show anymore could be that too. But yeah, so she'll definitely be fine on ESPN. Yeah. I mean she won't be making two salaries any money right? It's not good. But you know, it's a shame it is cuz she dresses so fucking hot. I know Jesus cages and we can't see your legs on ESPN m s true home, but you can still find our an Instagram. Oh, yes you wanted acacian in the sluttiest bikinis. You can buy also fight for reports that off will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year. I'm done with that. And apparently they have a network special coming out. Yeah Forum sometime soon. Obviously. Hey man will probably do that one off of sense. Yeah. I mean who else really could right? Yeah. I'm sure that's we'd want. Yeah, although they don't get to choose. It's always, you know, Vince gets to choose to induct you so right so weird dog, Like Shawn Michaels who didn't get along with RVD, right? Yeah. Don't forget like Jean-Claude Van Damme. He's like, I don't I don't know. This guy is PW inside Iraq that the Thunderdome will be moved and filmed from the University of South Florida's youngling Center by raw after WrestleMania, which makes sense because baseball is starting. Yes. It is. The Tampa Bay Rays need their Stadium back. I mean we were reported about this youngling Center while back but like now they're saying like this is the official date right like buy raw after Mania. I'm just like it's funny. I like to go to you know, we're not WrestleMania and twenty five thousand fans. And then we're going to go back to the Thunderdome. Right? Right. I'm hoping that they fucking U SummerSlam, I think real but it's like still like how much longer of this Thunderdome right? Right, right, like people are getting vaccinated now. Yeah, maybe I mean maybe now that it's like just kind of places are kind of reopening. Yeah wage. Could.

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