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You I mean there were some good commercials yesterday there really were there with their son that completely struck out of all the wall of Katie Couric in the as the best one on the aria the I was one of the deodorant things for women completely struck out just that any court and there are some great outside the Jason Momoa one was fantastic but I have no clue what the what the address for which was very funny yeah he's a command well Lisa Bonet is is wife okay and what was it about he walks sees this big boss muscle all the stuff I was getting at is her down and he's really like but I have no clue as for rocket mortgage great commercial made me laugh out loud yeah but I had no clue what the ad was supposed to sell the one I liked when their parking the car that was yeah it was a good idea where was god I had no no which Carlos park it's got smart pack my pocket it but I don't know what they were parking I don't know which car they were part of his a Hyundai that the idea that I remember I was in my pocket yeah what data remember Schumer Hyundai's my pocket then either members anyway it was interesting halftime show was interesting and not my audience but that that's a job trying to get to me right now I understand that and to cure is really great and I love Jay low so I mean but it was a lot of shaking going on and then I make you feel uncomfortable it well yeah I know what I mean I know come out that some people apparently work one of our listeners call the paragraph please it threatened get pornographic never quite went there six seventeen you got some of what we're talking about debate is underway after last night's Super Bowl no not whether or not people loved or hated the halftime show about which of the ads were Bastin which were the most memorable you don't remember some of the more you missed the budget buzz were the ones we posted a mall on the front page of W. I. any dot com so good may are coming up in just a couple minutes to see there was no terrorist attack in London yesterday I mean what is going on with that let's hear about what happened at the six one one traffic it's six twenty of Israel's extend WYO day you informed and up to date twenty four seven that's what we have been at the top and bottom of the hour news radio six ten W. Y..

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