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I. It's still very very very early. Obviously and so. We're not saying that. The brooklyn nets are cooked or anything like that but it is funny how we started a recent episode talking about are the brooklyn nets defeated complaining about the crenshaw. No no i mean. That's all part of the fun with these teams dry. We gotta elevate and then beat them down. I'm not. I'm not out on them. By any stretch they have so much firepower like trae young in atlanta. Their offense looks awesome. Those guys were really holding tough late in the game. I mean john. Collins cam reddish trae young. I mean they were all like trying to punch back. They were not scared at that moment. I really enjoy that. From atlanta and of course brooklyn had firepower to just kinda take care of him and score not completely will but would regularly down the stretch Is more just about okay like we have to take brooklyn at its word from a philosophy standpoint. These guys wanna be fast and loose right. They're trying to be a lot different than the golden state warriors were with kevin durant trying to be a lot different even in the cleveland. Cavaliers were with kyrie irving. This is almost this new experiment. We're like hey You know we're filming an uncle ju- commercial in the eastern conference finals. Let's go out there and do it and that's it's fun right but i wanna make sure it's fun and successful. That's my only point. I think these these guys are going to be really good but can they be great. This is one thing that could potentially separate them. I think okay. Can i give my visit next. My next resolution absolutely and michael our listeners would tell you you don't have to ask on this podcast. You don't need my approval. You could just do it. i'm just. I'm polite person. So i just want to give the go-ahead before i pull the trigger but yes michael please give us your next thank you this is to espn Turner and nba tv when we are broadcasting basketball games. We do not need to be zoomed in on the basketball court. We need to zoom back out. I need to see the entire court or at least like the nearside corner where i'm watching these games. I don't know if there's a player they're a player will cut out of the corner. I'll be flabbergasted. I did not know realize this player was standing there. I don't know what actions are being run. Like as someone who's trying to take notes as they're watching the games it's like it's jarring. How zoomed in. Everything is on the national broadcast. I i noticed it During christmas day and hated it very much. And i hope that it would just be a christmas day. Think i'm noticing it on all the national tv broadcasts. Is this something that you also have picked up on. Am i going insane. You're not going insane. I've heard other people mentioned this. Is it because they're trying to keep the crowd out of the or the lack of crowd out of the picture at all times that the explanation. I don't care what the explanation is. I mean i. I watched a lot of detroit pistons basketball over the past two years and i don't recall them zooming in those broadcasts..

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