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Eventually releasing Mont Bond. They probably didn't give them their guns back or they're playing back for that matter at this point, but they then have Ritchie Torres out here, quoted in the story, saying he wants them investigated to make sure they're not part of an extremist group. Um, We don't know who they were. They could be former military guys. They could be Blackwater guys, and they're just not using the academy labelling in here. Or they could be seven dudes from Harnett County. You know what I'm saying? Like, Yeah, We don't know. Seven cousins of mine. Yeah, I've got a family that I love this country and have to do something crazy like that. But, yeah, Here's the thing. You will not find Richie Torres, saying anything about some of the Afghan man who snuck on the planes. With these young trial, Brian try to pick exactly right. So Rich is not upset about that. But he's upset and we've got to do more investigation, but what it looks like me seven little boys and say, You know what If the State Department can't get it done, we get a little military background. We'll go get these Americans at ourselves and we'll listen and we're willing To put their lives on the line. I'm not condoning it, but I understand the passion and the frustration with administration from one for five or six days. You've got American sitting on a tarmac that aren't officially hostage. Are not even stranded. This is this is ridiculous. That shows you their focus the leftist radicalism that they would say these are the bad guys, not the Taliban. Well, And here's the thing, even if even if, if it's seven clones of David Duke Then, shouldn't you want them having to now go fight an army that just got 65 billion worth of superior equipment. Isn't that like best case scenario. Well, unless the governor of Virginia would want to hire them. Absolutely. It would be. Yeah, that's good point up there, man. Oh, yeah, This story just it's just so irritating. It's you know what it's like. It's like when I think we talked about when Jen Psaki was out trash in on Blackwater and Academy for going over there and actually having the audacity to want their costs covered. And and meanwhile we got to sit here and have to wait for a single Qatari airline. You know, there's still what six planes on the ground and, like Glenn Becks organization paid like 700. $50,000 per flight. Those are still there. Yes, And I'm good friends with Edward Graham, which is Franklin Graham's Son. Samaritans purse. They're working hard behind the scenes without giving details. There are several different major non profits from a humanitarian side that are just trying to find, uh outside, not even a pair of paramilitary, but just an outside source just to be able to say hey, from a compassionate standpoint, this is what we're trying to do. The State Department refuses to work with them, and this was a conversation. I just had Yesterday afternoon. We've been able to get one young girl out whose father committed was a suicide bomber. She was injured. Just a baby. Not even two years old. They're just trying to help in that capacity at the State Department that get all worked up on this case. You have to forgive me get the State Department is so obstinate that somebody's going to rebuild that there. Inability to perform with the basic level that they don't even want these nonprofits who are trying, in essence, to help them to help Americans and others to be able to get to a safe place it every American this weekend ought to peel the Blazers back and look at the complete disaster that this by the administration is it's out. Strong words. It's un American. Well, and it was. They were attempting to take take credit for people who were literally extracted via land route by one of these organizations. State Department pretending like they didn't Correct and we can't lose the sight of this for a year and a half. It. Changes were were never great. But there was no attacks on Americans. Women could go to school. Little girls could have a hope could have a future It is because of the the complete insane this of this administration. It wasn't that he didn't get the information. From the brass over there from the from the bipartisan foreign affairs from his own Intel community, Yet he was so stubborn to do it his way or his handlers were Susan Rice and others on the plane thought that this would be the best way that they were so arrogant. They thought they knew better, And now we have seen the disaster. The worst case scenario play out before ISA and it's a shame and I feel for those families that have lost their Children this weekend. Last question. Um, so I don't know if you've seen some of this. So Joe Manchin wrote an op ed and basically He? He says that he has. He has a number of spending that he's comfortable with, and it doesn't meet what the Democrats are proposing to spend. And then what I had to watch them is activist Democrat organizations literally calling for the DOJ to investigate Joe Mansions daughter Right. So, um, yeah, Well, why does Joe mansions the world? Why would he stay in that party? I don't understand it for the life of me, especially coming out of West Virginia. Yeah, I remember Trump won about 40 points. Just four or five years ago. You don't Joe is is well thought up in West Virginia. You know, I've got to come up a little short of jumping on the job mentioned bandwagon just because there have been other times where he said he would hold the line when he caved. He is the one person along with maybe a little bit. Kirsten, Cinema senator from Arizona. That's keeping this country from completely caving in and imploding. So why he stays there? I don't know. I've actually heard some rumors that he's actually looking at a potential 2024. We'll see if that plays out, but it's a typical politician. You get a chance to be the power broker and he's going to play that as long as you can. Well, I mean, what's more powerful to flip in the Senate, I guess than just one guy. So if it's about ego, it's about ego real quickly. If people want more information on the 9 11 event you were talking about where should they go? Look for it. They can look at the only place that we posted. It is on our Facebook site, which is rep. Mark Walker. They can go to it. We're right on the line of being selling out. We're in a concert hall holds about 2000 people so that they can certainly check it into it will also stream it online. Oh, good. Now I can wait for Twitter to refer to as a super spreader events. So we'll just be waiting for that. So alright. Yeah, We won't be doing any of those chants so that we heard of the college football stadiums over the weekend. Yeah, we should probably probably avoid those alright. Yeah, There's some of these stories I want to get to. We're just not going to have time. But I appreciate you joining us as always, and we'll chat next week. Okay, Mark. Thank you, Casey. All right, you go. Mark Walker joining us here on your Thursday and what are some of those things? Well, let me tell you this. If you want to weigh in on that story about the 77 dudes going over there with their plane full of guns like there, there are the expendables. Um, we'll have that conversation and I'm sure I'm sure there are. There are legitimate reasons why you wouldn't want that. Unfortunately, they decided not to include any of those legitimate reasons in any of the reporting here and instead But a New York congressman implied that there's some sort of hate group When they might be or they might not. Or who knows we need more information. But 8889347874 is our phone number. Was a Rather interesting class going on over at UNC Chapel Hill to tell you about. It's all coming up. Hang on the first little Caesars sports books.

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