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Why why why what happened how harmed were you by tommy lee jones and the knife thing well you know we did a stopped in which he's on top of me and i broke my wrist that's a simplistic goes you know we were we were flying in the air and and he fell on top of me and my waste went so to get a cast that's cool again new movie sicario day of this'll dalo is in theaters nationwide this the usual suspects the mumbling of the character is that something that was universally embraced by all from the beginning or whose idea was that to do it that way where you could barely be understood why i tell you i'll tell you how it goes you know i had seen a movie come out which was dick tracy had come out and dustin hoffman played a character called mumble wow what a cool idea it out so i went up to the director and the writer and i'd say guys i die on page thirty seven who really doesn't matter what i say does it i'm they went well you might be right and you know and they let me play with a character and i wasn't sure if it was going to work but you don't really the bottom line is like you're only as good as your movie the movie was a success and therefore the character shine just like all the other actors in film but that's that's the bottom line you only really as good as your movies where does that rank though in terms of risks that you've taken with a part where you've decided to do something that might be hugely unconventional do you have anything that ranks against that well you know there's there's there's things that rank against it you know loading was also kinda going out under moments and sicario that you that i'm doing stuff that i've never done before but you know that's part of the fun is just like a interpreting characters and working with the directors that are going to be cooperative and so so you have ideas and that's part of the fun to get an idea and try to make it live a make it believable and that's that's part of the fun you know sometimes sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't what part of the fun how how how did your career change after fear and loathing in las vegas right because i thought it was gonna skyrocket but yet gain a bunch of weight and stuff and then and then what happened after that i don't know you know i don't know i don't know i think that you know maybe people believed it what i was doing that it was like oh my god he's just become a you know a maniac become the devil or something and i it was hard to get a job after that movie for a little while but i think that's that's part of that's part of the game that sounds that sounds crazy though so people in hollywood actually thought you were out of control drug using mumbling mania well i think that they saw the suddenly you know they didn't know doing this movie so i had to do press for another movie and i showed up you know fifty pounds heavier and with my hair all over the place and they went like you something is wrong with this guy in any job but it normally cario day of the dow those in theaters nationwide got some true false questions for you true or false benicio you could have been in star wars episode one the phantom minute you could have been in star trek into darkness true you could have been before nightfall could've been heavier bar dam instead of harvey are bardem drew at some point yeah okay that is true wow you were in a madonna video true can you drive can you give us give us some information about what you remember about that video shoot i remember you i was an extra really you know i i was called to be an extra and i was starting so i did you know sat down on the hood of a car and and watch the show really and i'm sitting there smiling like i'm you know bystander the credit is kids sitting on car and finally again go see his movie sicario was exceptionally loved it sicario day of the dow is in theaters nationwide shortfalls canoe while you are making it that the ending scene in the fan with robert deniro wesley snipes was ridiculous yeah you mean the rain and the.

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