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That buddy. just caught it. You're gonna bury him in your backyard or you're gonna cremating piss on ashes. You murdered him. What you going to do with the body. No man. I i i'm a cremation guy. I don't think we should be taking up laying after we leave deserves down. Okay okay cool. Cool never heard that tape before appreciate ness i wanna be. I wanna be sprinkled in the caribbean sea. When i pass. I hear you know. I don't wanna say as man just shout. Anthony joshua man because he consistently fights top ten fighters no controversy around his shit. He just gets these fights done. We aint talking. 'bout water and suits and crab into bucket referees when it comes to his aol then make no excuses till he took his allen was riding a bike now or the next day. Still in new york at the ticket sale smiler. But this is the people say as the pussy in the pump and the bitch three but when you look at him he's the only one really like shit and then i did. Some you know. Put up box rex. Top twenty five current heavyweights seven guy. He'd be in the top twenty five of buttocks top twenty five heavyweights if he beats uzi. Types appears only be two people in that top twenty five and only beaten one guy that top twenty five but yet age as the pussy into bitch and deduct. I don't get it. I never had forty five second counterpunch in your whole call. We got another counterpunch from jt. In new orleans. I'm again and play this intro. And do you want your whole call two or you just counterpunch the makeup really ship. Hey robby way. I want to talk to. You have a problem. Turn off his station. You'll can you hear me loud and clear my shoe come off vizquel but you really apiece this shit. I'm just saying it from my. I'm just saying from our intro. I'm just messing with him. But you know what my show. I think about to math and watch. I've been listening to you. Wanna last few shows xiao strong about your opinion and his just so opinion. Your stuff. don't make special even for calling somebody a clown you sit down talk about what the wild excuse he made about his. Hey phone in his earphone. Desio opinion you wanted to hear him post on something that he already knows. That was gonna be a trap set off just like people like you sit there and say to come up with the excuses at the end of the day out. Feel like me personally come. I think you've got some wild to hate. What you as well. So really brandon calling in Chain you talking about you body. Somebody brennan a. he's from alabama. I that that you can't get no credit off. They're coming from brandon cold and stuff like that you got some dislike towards. Why didn't you heard you say oh. I never was allowed to fan and stuff like that. You you you you Abra at the end of the you take taking hard for mobile. We don't know really so i gave him. I told us. Oh absolutely are it's a number one you'll never catch me calling a human being piece of shit definitely not a black person. So that's number one. No no no no let me let me let me what is in show..

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