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But you have to you have to You have to think about not technology. You have to think about money in the monetary question which most which is difficult and most people just don't have the The the attention span to do because there are some really fundamental questions to overcome. Question am while some people may have not done the work or they don't understand mandatory principles. I do think there are a group of people who have disincentivize themselves from actually going out and doing the work and learning about this. I think that a lot of people because everybody when they come to. Bitcoin feels late. They have some friend that told them about bitcoin and that they feel late to the party. And that they they want an easier path to essentially catch up And that that know because they have a short attention span and because they mistake and the bitcoin is a technological revolution rather than a monetary. One that if they just changed this dialer that dial. They'll make a better bitcoin and so rather than have a lower time preference and a longer attention span. Kind go down and and and questioned some very fundamental reasons as to why this is able to exist for for as long as it has why. Something hasn't out competed to this point. They just dive in because they want to. They want to get rich quick They one day they feel late and they want to catch up. And so i think that that that is that is human psychology More so than it is anything else. but it all but it also is because that the bitcoin is not intuitive it is difficult to see the and it requires an i think michael sailor put out a tweet about this which was a poll of. How many hours have you spent studying. Bitcoin and that That that you however long it takes to to really understand it intuitively. It's not an hour or two hours or even ten is probably something more than forty hour realistically might be more than one hundred hours..

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