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All right, Mark. What do you do here Officially, if Marty Hurney is the name and will be the new general manager of Washington, multiple reports have him Working on finalizing a deal to come back to D. C. Hired Ron Rivera in Carolina Back in 2011 couple of stints with Carolina was fired last year. He knows Ron very well, He's actually from this area. So we're coming back home, worked for the Washington Times at one point and in the PR Department for Washington as well. See if Ron Rivera makes that official high makes the higher official coming up later on today. National signing Jon Lester to a one year deal could be a very good deal for 1/4 starter to go along with Max. Stevens draws for Patrick Corbin has some time with the Cubs. Of course. David Martinez was the bench coach when they want it all. Capitals PENGUINS Tonight's from Pittsburgh Game two of their miniseries They lost in a shoot out the other day on Sunday, Maryland on the road tonight at seventh ranked Michigan. Terps. Already road wins at Wisconsin and Illinois, looking to make it three big because six Big 10 teams ranked this week. Michigan marked urgent says is the best of them towards Wallace, Toby Toby Sports All right. Thank you, George. Traffic and weather headed your way. It's 12 47. Here's Dr Marie Harper, the dean of a Dr Wallace E. Boston School of Business at American Military University, on leading forward the link between higher education and our future government work for sponsored by American Military University, this new norm as an opportunity to assist businesses with what they need to do in order to meet the challenges and hopefully, opportunities of this new norm, and we looked at our program kept Some of the basics but added some what we consider new skills that would assist these businesses. And our approach is to have the degree programs which are the traditional way of doing education, but also offering a short term certificates that may help them with skills that are necessary for businesses to rebuild..

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