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Braintree and a good ride along the south shore on route three twenty five minutes between Braintree in Duxbury David struck Pelino WBZ's traffic on the threes David let's check that four day WBZ accu weather forecast and Matt Bevin says today will be fine just cold sunshine thirty six increasing clouds twenty eight tonight and then tomorrow a mess clouds rain and wet snow developing in the afternoon from the south shore in city on western north looks like the Cape the south coast will get just rain will get to about forty for a high little if any snow accumulation expected in Boston points south and east however if you're north and west of four ninety five you might wind up with anywhere from one to three inches of snow and then Tuesday it all gets back to normal again for spring time weather milder clouds sun fifty two and then for Wednesday looks like some rain comes in at a high of about forty three right now in north Andover it is twenty seven degrees also twenty seven degrees in Waltham in canton twenty six and here in Boston twenty eight degrees at five thirty five the number of cases around the world from covert nineteen is staggering Italian officials say nearly eight hundred people died and one day from covert nineteen corona virus the total number of people dying from the virus in Italy is approaching five thousand with more than fifty thousand people infected the global death toll from covert nineteen coronaviruses approaching thirteen thousand John Hopkins researchers say more than three hundred thousand people have been infected with the virus it now reaches a hundred sixty eight nations and regions around the world and that is built for pharaoh reporting the United Nations says lockdowns and panic buying during the corona virus pandemic could trigger a worldwide.

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