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Ten W IOD and IR radio station. From ABC News on chuck sievertson, Ukraine not commenting on something that happened today in a bridge that happened after a report in The Washington Post that said a member of Russian president Putin's inner circle, voiced disagreement with him over his handling of the war. A truck bomb detonated Saturday partially collapsing a bridge that connects Russia with Russian annexed Crimea impacting a key supply corridor for the millions who live there, as well as Russia's war effort in southern Ukraine. ABC News contributor and former defense official colonel Steve ganyard. This is a stunning victory for the Ukrainians on the battlefield, but it's also a stunning blow to Putin and to the Russian people. The blast caused some railway cars that were carrying fuel to catch fire, causing a partial collapse of two sections of the bridge, according to Russian officials. Mark remould, ABC News. They did it again, North Korea fired two short-range ballistic missiles toward its eastern waters today, say South Korean military officials. This is a day after it warned the redeployment of the U.S. aircraft carrier near the Korean Peninsula was inflaming regional tensions. This sort of tribute to planning and manufacturing in the huge cleanup going on after hurricane Ian and Florida. Governor Ron DeSantis and Fort Myers beach says the restoring of electricity to that area was partly due to the poles. Florida power and light at 396 concrete poles for the electrical four of them broke. Thousands remain without power in Florida, the governor says those places not needing major electrical rebuilding are restored. If an NFL player gets hit in the head gets up but has trouble with physical moves has trouble talking can't keep his balance. He's stopped from playing. New policy announced by the league and the players union. ABC's wit Johnson. Following the uproar over the injuries to dolphins quarterback tua tagovailoa, he remains out indefinitely after suffering a concussion in a game more than a week ago. You're listening to ABC News. Do you know what people from the wi OD 24 hour traffic center? Heavy delays on the turnpike east of hard rock stadium approaching the golden glades interchange, as well as 95 southbound passing Ives dairy road. Over in Broward county, I'm seeing delays on 95 southbound passing Griffin road as well. The rest of our county incident and delay free on 75 5 95 and the turnpike. I'm Zach wagon, use radio 6 ten W IOD. Behind the Saturday will approach 85 is when start to gust in from the north of northeast are also maybe a few showers to also be the case into the evening with it overnight low 78 and periods of range Sunday with a 185 with updates around the clock on South Florida severe weather station. I'm the weather channel's Jeff Maher on news radio 6 ten W IOD. More Fort Myers beach residents will get to see what's left of their homes and businesses tomorrow from 7 to 7 residents can get back on the island. They'll find no power, water, or trash pickup, and all buildings are deemed

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