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She's jealous and she wants to see about rescheduling a week from now. I really undergo donald god's house. She went yesterday. So you knew your daughter win yesterday and you had to hold twenty hours a you. Were trying to wait. Till i just. It's like it's it's. I'm gonna tell you guys. This is well. I'm gonna keep it all the way where even i am and i make you know laugh at a lot of different things and stuff like that. The other day. I was really a rated throw in the towel. And say i'm done with doing podcasts. Like going after the pa the reason being was it was because it was three people within the same night. After i got off work one person i kinda figure with him. He was going to be full of crap but i give them a chance. The second person literally. I sent him a message. Like fifteen minutes. Prior said hey. I haven't received link it and they were no call. No show on my podcast and then that's okay. Maybe tomorrow i'll be better but we got. I got a family emergency. So i'll have to reschedule. They know we're scheduling me. You knew that you had a family emergency beforehand and the last part. A new was a urgency. I mean but people will kendrew. No no no no. No i have this. This last podcast. He the day we were supposed to a podcast a couple of weeks ago and he hit me the day of say. Hey just let you know. My friend had died. I wanna lead you to wanna know in the morning before anything else happened. We're going to have to reschedule. I said okay cool. What do was way to give him to like january so let some time pass by and then say something about a podcast and then he hit me up a week later and he's like hey can we do a podcast like days. I'm like oh. Wow you got over morning. Quick you're more okay morning more real your friend okay. I'm in mourning today at four pm. Yeah women's none of this is gonna work. I know i'm trying to figure this out my be like ten o'clock at night right and so i said he said okay. How can he sent me a text that day. He said hey. Can we do a podcast tonight. I'll be running a about pry an hour thirty minutes later..

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