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And he had gotten pepper sprayed for the fourth day in a row and he started screaming. Where's the leadership. The leadership anybody listening to the stream. This is an opportunity for leadership in this sin. All leader stand up. This is an opportunity for leadership and now he's sitting at home in my bed and it just felt like a direct call out to me. I'm here comfortable while one of my brothers is out here getting pepper sprayed for the fourth day in a row. I know i'm a leader. I know i am. But i do it differently so i just chose to call my drummer the hospitality and i said hey. I don't know how it's gonna work what we're gonna do but we're gonna lead through music and community and bring the band out here tomorrow. Packed up the gear next day and they got work off. My mom called me and said Marshall i got bail money for all y'all if it comes to that and so we were just from there were up and played six straight days. Just make it so. You could sustain protesting day after day after day and a lot of people said they really look forward to coming back each day because of the music because of that sense of community that we were building. That wasn't just the kind of contentious standoff with the police. What an amazing moment to be part of it just would have amazing. Part in the city's history and in your band's history. How did you know it was time to go. Wow da see. I probably covered go a little sooner. Because i mean on the sixth day my vocal chords were literally just swollen. Up was playing till two. Am in the morning going home. Sleeping on the band's couch because we would just wake up kind of going breakfast. That was like our ceremony. Some of the band's would have to go to work and then we'd go right back out so by the sixth day in a row. My vocal cords which is so swollen in. My body was so exhausted that I knew i needed a day of rest. I took a day off the next day. I came back and performed until two days off. And then the next day i came back and performed again and then At that point there wasn't energy shift in chalk. And i think that you know what was hard for me to realize realizes that i can't physically sustain coming out here every single day and supporting this artistic boom in these positive vibrations that are emanating from this place here and so i just knew it was time to go because it wasn't sustainable. But now i believe we've created something sustainable and what happened after that because amazing things started to happen after that. So we We went out to row. Stayed out there for four days and we wrote the album the twelve track album. There's only three songs that we had written literally on the street. While we were playing those were already formed. The rest just hammered it out in every day. We'd wake up. We play music but it was so beautiful because we were all processing are trauma together. And i can't tell you know. Martial law has a lot of dues in the band. If you haven't seen this before and i can't tell you how many times a bunch of grown men cried during that Retreat pouring our emotions out into our music. It's kind of funny. Because i just know my friends so well and i know how much growth they've had over these last two years so beforehand mas macho type guys when i tell you we were all sitting around in a room you know looking at each other saying how do you feel like are you good. You know we really did some group therapy work before we wrote the album and so one experience. And i don't think jay would mind me sharing this is there's a track called. Wanna die.

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