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I'm Tara Miller. The director of words, and phrases and causes. And I'm manslaughter in the marketing product guy this episode is titled around the world in eighty trader Joe's products give or take at traderjoes. Our crew goes just about everywhere, literally circumnavigating the globe on a weekly basis to satiate your unrelenting desire for new food discoveries. You may think that's overly dramatic. But it's not hyperbolic. Our crew does have their fair share of adventures from around the world or around the corner as they searched for new products and on this episode. We'll ask them to tell you some of their better stories at trader Joe's. We really do. Discover cultures of the world through food. When Joe Colom was really sort of shaping the idea that would become trader Joe's, it was within the context of people are gonna start flying around the world and seeing new things and eating new things and tasting tastes that they want to be able to taste when they're back home. You may have been in France and had this terrific cheese. But you may not have made it to the Republic of Georgia and had these really interesting dumplings that makes me want to travel even more. So we're talking to Arlene and Jenny who are product innovators here at trader Joe's are essentially the boots on the ground. We travel the world, and we find the wildfire customers you kind of have the coolest job in the world. Yeah. Find I feel very blessed. Very blessed. Everyone tells me that the media reaction is that is so cool. You don't get. Why did you discontinue jasmine green tea? That's what I the second. Yeah. Yeah. One of the best part is constantly experiencing. Nut sense of discovery. Like having something for the first time or seeing something for the first time like I really value experiences. And I mean, that's that's what I want for customers. Product innovation. Sounds like a fancy way to describe the treasure hunt. Like going into a trader Joe's and finding something that you never knew existed. And all of a sudden, it just might become your new favorite thing. We travel the world we try to. Find things in different corners of the world that people can't get to. Yeah. It's it's go go go. How many countries have you visited do, you know? Can you give me a ballpark since the past two years? Goodness. Maybe like fifteen to twenty at. I don't know. It's like so many every time I put a list together. I'm like, wow. All over Europe. Italy, Germany, France, Greece New Zealand Japan, Thailand, Mexico, actually, one of my friend's dad every time I see him. He loves us. So where to go and some lines of work. They would they would discover the culture through music or through art. And we discovered the culture of through the food. What is what's your favorite trip that you've been on from a product development standpoint, there's a couple, but I would say one that is the most recent is Republic of Georgia. The what was really interesting to me is that the us tons of wild herbs, and they have tons of. Dips, and you know, we love dip since so I thought dot translated pretty well. They have dumplings. So dumplings like perogie or dumplings more like a typical Asian dumpling. They literally looked like the soup dumplings like the Chinese soup dumplings, but they're huge. They're like, maybe like half of your hand. And how you need it. You flip it over and take a little bit of nib in suck all the soup out and slowly finish it, and you can toss the knob because it's can be a little bit doughy or people like it if they like chewy texture and they're filled with meat. Yes. So they're they're traditionally filled with me, I think be four like beef and lamb or just lamb but nowadays, you can find mushrooms vegetables cheese potatoes, like all sorts of different fillings, Jenny. You recently went to New Zealand any products that you that came in from that experience..

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