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What is your favorite lifestyle design at this can be a business app or tool my favorite business app oma lands good a goal archly actually i'll tell you a really cool that your listeners have problem with not earn of but they can certainly use a different when they get active and that is called simple crude simple crew and the or you can go to simple crew cra debbie dot com and what it is is that what we use it for is reese still put out signs on the highway and signs in front of our houses when they're available and such and so this apt holds your whoever is out sign for you accountable as to they're actually putting them out where you were they are and the app keeps up with them and shows exactly where the signs win there's the sky's the limit as to how you can use that app but that's just one example of how we use simple croup i mean you went from not giving a lyric emendations so one of the best recommendations i've heard so far and i that's that's amazing i'm going to check that out absolutely what do you enjoy most about the way your lifestyle is currently designed oh wow well it's really a two part answer number one from my perspective i get to work from anywhere won't to my wife and i we do about thirty live events year don't have to we're passionate about training and teaching but so i'm totally flexible i set my own schedule but on the on the other side of the hat is for my satisfaction really comes from i learned the hard way years ago money does not satisfy money money money does not satisfy don't get me wrong i like the nice things and careless to but where i get my satisfaction from is truly making an impact and making a difference in other people's lives and i do that are married two different ways when the real estate business i got four wins when every transaction when i've got a house the private lender won the several one the new owner won and i won by orchestrating the transaction in the real estate training business.

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