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Hey officers, go work with the operations guy, make sure all the assets overhead. We've, we've got an execution checklist. We've got assets backfilled, um, mobility tactics, patrolling tactics. That's why we didn't sleep. And within 24 hours, 40 guys that had never worked with each other, but had mildly similar, similar, uh, standard operating procedures, pulled it together. In fact, that mission, after we reinserted, we basically operated for three weeks straight and I was so proud of the guys because I mean, I don't care about kill counts, but they, they decimated the enemy to the point where pretty much enemy attacks ceased on route gold. And, um, yeah, just talk about a point of pride for watching you guys turn it around. You mentioned also that you've served in Afghanistan. How many deployments did you have there? Which stand missions out most in your mind? Oh, the very first one on my first deployment and then, uh, a couple on my second, my first operation with, uh, in Afghanistan was with that group. It actually was the night that Adam Brown, uh, was killed. Uh, they wrote a book called fearless. Adam was an amazing human being with a very resilient life. He'd faced a lot of obstacles, but they, they said that was one of the worst missions that any of those guys had ever heard that command running. I mean, we basically went into a valley and it's 2010 that no Americans had been in ever since 2001, the start of the war. And so it was the enemy safe haven and we were surrounded and it was, uh, it was a firefight and, uh, to lose Adam was devastating. And it was also an eye opener for me. I had to fight every day to perform, to stay at that command. And then we went back in 2012, you know, I was involved in the only documented retaliation for the raid on Bin Laden. Uh, we got attacked a base attack at five AM, just two hour firefight. We had a VBID, uh, detonated like 15 meters from our position, knocked everyone out.

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