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Stagnant Attack and Jimmy Butler. It's interesting. Tough night. 14 Point shot for for 11. But guess what, Four steals, three assists and a couple of enormous steals. Late in the game. If you look at the stat sheet, Boston shot out shot of 50% from the field out shot him from three shot 10 more free throws at three more rebounds. But guess what? 20 turnovers for 26 points that will get you beat every time Tuo is usually a really good leave, you liketo have it, but it feels like it's still a very even serious. These were too hard thought competitive basketball games possession games down the stretch. I don't think Boston's gonna concede this by any stretch of the imagination. No, I think I agree with doors. I'm going to be surprised if they don't get back in it. That's how close these two teams are. Let's not forget the two leads that Boston has had for big chunks of these two games. Boston has dominated the play, but they have not played well with the lead. They have not done a good job, securing it or closing the game at all. They have to solve that they certainly have to solve the zone right now, because his own is going to be in their heads. You know, he made a one point that I'd like to revisit PCE. You know, there was a point at which the game is hanging in the balance, and we've talked about the level of player that Jason Tatum is and he's turning into an elite. You a star, But you saw Goran and Jimmy Butler close. Jason Tatum needs to start to figure out. How do I help my team Close. Celtics blew a 14 point lead in Game one in the fourth quarter. They blow a 17 point spread in the third quarter of Game two, and it's the Miami heat of two games to none in the Eastern Conference finals. 106 wanna won the final. Over the Celtics for Doris Burke. PJ Carlesimo. Marquesa. Sure, Right here on your home for the Eastern Conference finals, ESPN radio and the ESPN APP his team continually finds away. Erik Spoelstra's heat are just two wins from the N BA Finals, having dropped just one game this bubble pose season, the Heat coach. On how it's getting done..

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