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Trails. No cliches. That's our rule here. My pair has traffic on the fives with that, Matthew. Alright, Tony, Full blown Karpa. Collette's going into the north split disporting in going into downtown period. We're looking at a rolled semi block of the ramp Westbound 70 that sound bound 65 70. That ramp is closed and is going to be closed for a while here. I'm looking at the end of Jim Cam, and this thing is a mess right now you can use to collect a ramp. Also a secondary crash coming into the North Woods separate from the world semi left Two lanes are blocked. Backed up the World Street Keystone Avenue. I'm looking at a crash also coveted downtown Northwest side inbound 65 M. L K. And there we have the right. Three lanes. Nowthe right. Three lanes are blocked in that expect a lays and then we're looking at the ramp in the South Split. It's eastbound 70 of north bound 65 70, another rolled semi that has closed that Ram to North bound 65 70 from eastbound as 70. Traffic sponsored by Insp. Air ity HR. That makes a difference in spirit e providing Oi benefits HR technology, payroll and scalable HR services for more than 34 years in spirit, e h. R That makes a difference. I'm man Bear with traffic on the fives. Follow us on Twitter, www IBC Traffic. We've got ourselves 46 degrees and rain right now. In the American Standard Cooling Weather Center. The time is 6 17..

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