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Komo forecast now with seth wayne gopher mostly cloudy conditions and those showers yeah they'll stick around for the rest of the afternoon temperatures reaching the low fifties now we're on our way to seeing more of that rain tonight showers will continue on saturday and a few lingering showers on sunday highs remaining in the fifties with some wet weather on and off into next week i'm seth wayne in the komo weather center in seattle and in tacoma fifty three degrees and some scattered showers the watkin county council has voted to join a widening legal battle against makers and wholesalers of prescription opioids saying they have contributed to a public health crisis the bellingham herald says county officials have voted to join the likes of skagit pearson king county's in that fight against the opioid epidemic county council retained the law firm keller roar back which is also representing the other washington state counties the law firm will sue the makers and distributors of opioid painkillers including purdue pharma endo pharmaceuticals janssen pharmaceuticals and others as well the decision to raise tuition at north west college is put on hold for now now komo's eric heintz reports the postponement follows threats of a student strike portland state university's board of trustees decided thursday to hold off and making a decision about whether to raise tuition by five percent portland state originally said the hike was necessary and pointed to all other oregon public universities which are also proposing to issue increases but the school student government said the hike would have made college unaffordable for many budget officials are drafting a new proposal which still present in two weeks eric heintz komo news he refused to pay his taxes and now a federal judge has taken his side on a technicality michael bowman of organize refused to pay taxes since the nineteen nineties because of his religious convictions he says he won't give to the government money while he believes federal dollars are funding abortions us district judge michael w mosman has ruled that the government's tax evasion indictment wasn't on good technical standing giving bowman a.

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