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I'm your host Lee Matthews and in this program, we tried to get into the issues that are affecting the Oklahoma City metropolitan area. One of those issues is the protection of our police departments. David Dickinson is an officer with the more police department who's joining us now an officer Dickinson, tell us about national police week, which is coming up really national police week is just the week that officers across the United States take time out to recognize the fallen officers, and we actually tried to include a community in our week of events. So much is done to for the fallen officers. And you know, police are here for us when we need them. But the police also see people when they're at their worst most of the time. Yeah. So national police week. Let's let's let's first of all setup what national police week is. And then how it's going to be celebrated down with the more police department. Our vents are going to start actually a couple days early this year, and that was just more of a timing issue. But we're going to do what we call police unity ride, and we're gonna ride from the more police department to the Oklahoma law enforcement officers memorial to appoint five right last year was our largest one or we had fifty five officers from eleven different police departments within the state and gentle purposes to raise awareness of police week and fallen officers and interests funds. You know for the memorial. There are six hundred eleven names on the police memorial in Oklahoma City, fifty one of those and just last year. But I think I put something I know they're going to they generally at names the memorial every year, that's kind of really what we focus on and recognize them. Yeah. And so the ride is going to tell us about the right? Is that a motorcycle ride? Good question. No their bicycles dot com. Some different police farms have different types of bicycles. So we just we just say it's a first responder type event. So police officers will will bring whatever they want. We've had the the high end St. street racers to like what my partner, and I ride which is more of a I don't want to say mountain bikers at full service biker. It's kind of in between. Yeah. Do the officers preferred to ride those are they like having an opportunity to get out there on the bikes. Oh, they like out on their bikes. It takes one pedal for them in twenty four us the ride. So it's, but as a lot it's a lot fun. There's just a lot of variety in last year. We we included shirts to kind of mimic, the national rights shirts. Yeah. Yeah. They do that every year in DC as part of a big service when we're talking about national police week, and it's been designated around the fifteenth as peace officers Memorial Day that whole week. It's going to be memorialized by the good folks down at at at more more more police station and officer David Dickinson is with us some of the other things along with the ride going to take place to commemorate national police week. Yes, sir. Am during that week police officers more also were morning bedcovers to recognize remember the authors, and we generally tie blue ribbons around our antennas to. So if you see those it's kind of tribute to the fallen officers, and we have a lot of good community partners in the city, and they're doing some things that we they're going to bring us food and some other things as well. And then on the fourteenth, we're doing our big thing. The chili cook off as I talked about we have know celebrity judges coming in and some local folks coming locust Larry judges, and we try to just you know, all all funds go to the memorials. Well, the items that we use their donated the chili the all the accessories are all donated. So it's everything goes to them. And where will this be the chili cook off is going to be on the fourteenth of may from eleven AM to one PM at the station central park. It's our new aquatic center in the city, something we're really proud of and general public can come and taste. Absolutely. Yes, sir. Everybody's welcome to come. And I imagine a contribution. We'll get you a bowl, and then you can go around and sample. Yes, we're we're I guess we we haven't settled on some of the final details, but that will all be posted here soon. Okay. And it's all to raise money to for the funds for the memorial for Oklahoma and opposites memorial service. Yes, they're all that goes directly to we're talking to our good friend, David Dickinson. He's with more police department in as we celebrate national police week here on NewsRadio one thousand Katie. Okay. And if if tell us more about the bike ride, the bike ride that's gonna take place. These only officers. Generally, speaking. Yes. And I say that because we do we have a medic ride with us. Okay. You know, and. We've had a few believe a dispatcher we've had but anybody in the in the law enforcement community is really is our target INC. We have some probation parole. Officers come up some department corrections folks that I was a lot of police officers. You know, some of the bigger departments show up. You know, it's it's quite a sight last year was amazing. So just about everybody had the blue shirt on. And you know, we had motor officers from all over the area escort as well. So it's just really a great just more police department that take place. Yes, originally started out, I think my partner, and I'm Becky a believe we were the first ones we wrote. I think it was just a couple of the first year. And then I think we went to like I'm looking at my notes here. But I think we have we went from two to four to ten to fifty five in that range. So it's it's really grown. So it's it's not just a more police department ride. You know, we we're saying it's a it's a state police officer arrived and everybody every police officer and a state is welcome come right with us national police week. It's the unity bike tour. Coming up Friday the tenth. It'll start at eight thirty and you start at more, but make your way up to the to the moral. Yes, sir. Yeah. Now here in Oklahoma City. Yes, sir. Yeah. So if you see a bunch of bicycles and a bunch of police along the main route that is and the route is does it come straight up straight up thirty five or is it going one of the roads, we leave more police department, and we go east we go. We have some railroad tracks right there, we go over that. And we go to eastern which one of our main north and south as we make a left, and then it comes right up your point five miles. So if you see on eastern a bunch of a bunch of bicycles on that Friday. That's that's what that's all too. And it all proceeds donated go to Oklahoma law enforcement official officers memorial anything that I left out that you wanna talk about as far as national police week is concerned. The other thing we like to bring up is on the fifteenth from five seven pm, we're going to have an open house at the police department. And we're we're going to have a couple scheduled tours. And we're going to have some more community partners put on a big event with us. It's gonna be in the parking lot of interest Bank. Which is really just you know, we're. Across the street from us. John Ireland's going to be there. Mcdonald's can be there. And we're working on a couple of other little details. But it's going to be just a, hey, everybody come out and see us meet us kind of deal and to find out more about national police week or if you wanna make a contribution to the unity bike run..

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