ABC, New Orleans, Roger Stone discussed on Howie Carr


From ABC news, John Chuck rich and pick asides the secretary of state Mike von peyot at an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council. Give you stand with the forces of freedom or you're in league with Madero and his mayhem on the political crisis in Venezuela and President Nicolas Maduro, the US recognizing opposition leader one Guido Russian UN ambassador, eventually through a translator arguing that the US is supporting an attempted coup that's violating international law. He said the use of preventive diplomacy is excellent. Of course, it's better to prevent a crisis than to resolve killing spree in Louisiana man on for suspected murderer twenty one year old suspect Dakota -tario allegedly shot to death is girlfriend and two of relatives. And a home in Livingston parish about seventy miles west of New Orleans today deputy Alison Hudson and the sheriff's office thousand four Dodge Ram truck. That is great. And we don't exactly know what direction he may have been heading. We thinking that he was headed to the New Orleans area. That is still unconfirmed congressman Steve king of Iowa was first townhall since being stripped of his committee assignments by fellow Republicans, blaming the House Republican leader. There's only one person that made this decision that was given McCarthy, and you know, we have an opportunity to restore that. If there's enough of that, there's enough voice that comes out of this district and across the country king maintaining that his comments about white supremacy were taken out of context on the indictment of Roger stone's self-proclaimed dirty trickster charged with seven felonies, including obstruction making false statements to congress ABC's KIRO Phillips, Trump defending stone and detracting from the investigation tweeting greatest witch hunt in the history of our country. No collusion. Stone is the sixth. Trump associate charged in connection to the special counsel's probe in Brazil. Climbed over thirty from a dam collapse. You're listening to ABC news. Ever wonder.

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